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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day

*The bum who hangs out by my favorite coffee shop ( Silverlake Cafe on Glendale Blvd.) started a heated debate about politics (or something like that) with a tree. I wonder who won?
*Left work early today. I had lunch at a Filipino "turo-turo" (literally means; point-point. A type of fast food restaurant where food is pre-cooked and you just point at it) called DJ's Bibikanghan on Vermont Ave. I love Filipino food and that place never dissapoints (especially for such a cheap price)
*I then went to Hollywood and decided to stop by Borders bookstore on Sunset and Vine. There I found a copy of the newly released dvd for season 7 of the Amazing Race (I'm so not gonna get any sleep). A quick stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I then walked around the block and followed the walk of stars (the one where each star is dedicated to some "famous" person). In a not so glamorous spot, I found Michael Jackson's star. Poor guy, he really is becoming so unpopular now that even his star is not in the best location( smells like pee too).

*For the Salvation Army bell ringers in front of groceries stores etc. I know they get a certain percentage but standing out in the cold (and asking for money without really harassing people) can be tough.

* I can not stand the potholes in LA roads. Theres one on my street and its so deep that if you dont maneuver around it, your tire is going to get stucked in it. LA roads are like a teenager going through puberty...all pimply.


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