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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Filipinos are taking over the world!

I think Filipinos has a hidden plan to take over the world. We are everywhere! Just today, I went to my favorite coffee shop and I was served by a Filipino. The attendant at the parking lot at my work...Filipino. The driver bitch who cut me off on Sunset Blvd....Filipino. OK not being too repetitive...Filipinos are everywhere here in LA. I think the invasion will not be through numbers but probably by using our best asset....Filipino hospitality. The majority of Filipinos overseas works for hospitals as nurses and care-givers. Tons work at airports, hotels, cruise ships and other types of human services, technical and professional jobs. It seems like the plan would be to take over by being very nice and hospitable, then hypnotize the rest of the world! Haha...i know its ridiculous. Kidding aside, I'm surprised as to how many Filipinos are spread out all throughout the world. For example, I have extended family in the middle east, Japan, friends in Europe, Australia etc. When I was lost somewhere in Florence, Italy, a Filipina nanny told me how to find the correct bus and where to get the bus token (weirdly enough we didnt speak the same dialect; she spoke Visayan while I can only speak Tagalog so we had to use English and some broken Italian). It still fascinates me how far wide the Filipinos have dispersed themselves around the world.


Anonymous wengkies said...

It's true that Filipinos are scatterred all over the world but I think we have a different persfective.. in seeing why pinoys are everywhere =) first and foremost Filipinos are all over the world because they don't have the choice, we don't have the choice im speaking for myself =) We need to go abroad to support our family in the Philippines it's hard but that's the only way.... I know that you're already aware that thousands of Filipinos are lining up just to get a job abroad... and that's not good it's a sad news - well im just so thankful that God brought me here in LA.

Where you at here in LA maybe sometimes labas tayo =)

8:15 AM

Blogger Ernesto said...

hi wengkies. I do realize that the main reason why there are so many Filipinos spread out all over the world is because of the lack of opportunities (or descent paying jobs) in the Philippines. My family knows this very well because when I was growing up in the Philippines, my dad worked in Saudi Arabia for a few years. With regards to what I wrote, I wasnt being serious that Filipino's are taking over the world (I'm fully aware of the real reasons and the history of the Filipino OFW's and immigrants because I studied it in college). I agree with you that its unfortunate that so many of us had to leave our families. I didnt mean to offend anyone, I was just putting a comical twist to reality. Anyway, thanks for the comment. I live in the Silverlake area.

11:30 AM

Anonymous wengkies said...

yah I know - ha ha ha... im from glendale... since you've like blogging maybe in this way we can make something good for our people... continue with whatever you started...

You're my neighbor.... let me know if you want to go out and have some coffee sometimes =)

7:18 PM


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