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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

High School Stories: Sleeping with the "Frenemies"

Frenemies--- two people who are in an odd situation of being friends and at the
same time, enemies.

First I want to clarify... NO I did not sleep with this frenemy of mine (although we were roomates for our senior trip and had to share a bed), nothing scandalous happened. I just kinda like the title of this post.Now that's clear, I should get to the story.

When I was in high school in the not so lovely city of Vallejo, California (a.k.a valley of the ho's) I had a classmate who in the beginning I was attracted to. Normally, I don't use people's names in my blog but since he's on some silly tv show, I'm sure that he wouldn't mind being talked about in this lowly blog of mine. I first saw Ruben in my locker hallway. Like every high school-er who had a thing for one of their mates, I would ocassionally look at him while he's at his locker or sometimes I would change my way to class so I can pass by him. His hair was always perfectly coiffed, and he has a pretty handsome face. Although there are cuter guys on campus, they're all straight and based on my gaydar he definitely plays for my team.

My little crush oh him slowly disappeared after I actually got to know him better. Since I was the new kid in school (and a new kid in the country) I started in classes for non-English speakers. I was pissed off! I knew that I'm not in the right place so I asked the school counselors to move me to other classes. They insisted that I have to show that I'm capable of moving to the regular classes. Now, I don't want to brag or anything (ok maybe just a little bit) but when they asked me to write a few sentences... I wrote an entire fucking essay... breaking it down to why they're ass holes and why my stank ass should be in the honors classes ( Ok my essay was more formal than that). After a few weeks, they realized their mistake and placed me not only in honors classes but also in advance placement (AP) classes. Sorry I digress... that is when we became classmates and finally got to talk to Ruben and spend some time with him.

The first thing I didn't like about him was how annoying his voice is. He kinda sounds like that character on "Friends", I believe her name is Janice and she was Chandler's ex-girlfriend (for people who watch Friends you know who I'm talking about). Almost, high pitched and overall painfull to my ears. He also had some major diva attitude. He was part of the cool crowd since he decided to be a cheerleader (well more like the guys who carry the cheerleaders). Sometimes, he would say some snide remark about me being an immigrant or what I was wearing or other stupid comment he had that he would say outloud in class. I secretly wanted to tell him "BITCH PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!" Of course I didn't have the guts to say it so I just ignored him. By the end of our 10th grade, I completely avoided him.

We had a World History class together and one part of the class is to get a good grasp of world geography. Every week our teacher assigned a region of the world or a specific country and we're supposed to learn where the major cities and points of historical interest in this map. We are then tested either the same day or the following week by drawing it out and labelling all these places. I LOVE GEOGRAPHY so I started to catch up with the work (I was transferred to this honors class three weeks after the school started). I would complete that week's work and ask our teacher for some more. Ruben did the same thing.We had this unspoken competition, every week we would up the ante. He would do the entire South America and in response I will draw out all the African countries, label their capitals and then some. It got really competitive that in the end of the year we had drawn about 60 maps while the rest of the class were still working on their 20th map.

It wasn't till our senior year that we actually sort of became friends (and I'm using that term loosely). We were hanging out with the same group of people, often having lunch together in the cafeteria. Sometimes he would hang out with his cheerleading friends but you would often see him in our table (and we had a great table, it came with the senior status and most of my friends were leaders of whatever school club). We would even hang out outside of school. He's still pretty abrasive but thats just his personality. When I left for college, I lost any sort of communication with him ( I was also preoccupied with all these cute college boys hehe).

Recently, I started adding high school friends/acquaintances on my friend's list on Myspace and found his. Apparently he was on an MTV show (for more info click here NEXT) where he was on a series of dates with 5 guys. It was a medieval themed date and as always he looked good but acted like a complete ass... I guess things never change. Check out the video...sorry this was the only one I can find online and theres French dubbing but you can sort of still hear the real conversation (in English).
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Anonymous Bojan said...

Mmm...I can see why you had a crush on him. :)

1:19 PM

Blogger Beth said...

found you through vallejo high Lj's beth, from hs. i just wanted to say HI and that i thought this post was hella funny - and fit ruben perfectly. heeheehee.
i think georgia may have been the only person who didnt understand he was gay.

3:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha. thats great. i would have actually said something. one of my friends was being a bitch and said, out loud in class, "stupid fag" to which I responded with, "I rather be a fag than a ugly fat bitch like you." People were stunned to say the least. haha

-Tall Mex

4:10 PM

Blogger Ernesto said...

Hi Beth...thanks for the comment. Just to clarify...I don't hate Ruben now... maybe back then but definitely not now. I forgot to mention how funny he was. Anyway, how are things with you? Are you still living down here in SoCal?(you went to Cal State Pomona right?). Do you still see some of our classmates. The only one's I keep in touch with is Nat, Jen Fong, Lichelle and Brett (through his livejournal account). ciao

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it u had a crush to Ruben back den! i think he was cuter back den in H.S.! Now uuugghhhh!!! not cute! he!he!he!

ur lil sis

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...




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