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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Race L.A.

Before I talk about the race...just a quick update. Baby Tres is feeling much better. He's also preparing for his birthday party this Sunday. I can't believe he's turning two. He's currently addicted to "Finding Nemo" so I'm getting him a small bowl aquarium and hopefully a clown fish (but most likely a regular beta fish since it'll be easier). Now to my race story.

As most of you (my dear readers) already know... I'm addicted to the show "The Amazing Race". How addicted am I? I spent way too much time watching (re-watching), reading up online about spoilers, recaps, reviews etc. I've gone to a couple of finale parties, met previous racers, and forced The Boyfriend to try out with me. Since the casting folks didn't quite like our 3 minute tryout video... I decided to do the local version instead.

I found online that theres several scavenger hunts around L.A. thats inspired by the show. They were mostly for a team-building retreat for office workers or some organization except for Race L.A. I saw on their website that they really stick close to the "Amazing Race" formula. I convinced The Boyfriend to join. Originally we were Team Boots. Its weird, I know but its a term we use to call each other (as opposed to calling each other honey or baby). Where did it come from? I'm not even going to attempt to explain it.

A week before the race, we decided its a silly name so we asked to organizers to change it to Team E.C. ( I know it still sounds stupid). Its our initials and its easy to remember (yes its a pun hehe). I was sooo excited, I've been thinking about possible scenarios of how we can win (haha I'm soo full of it).

So last Saturday, we got to the starting line bright and early. It was interesting trying to scope out the other times...see who would be the good competitors. There was a good mix of teams, most were couples, some siblings, cousins, friends. There was one team from the local NBC station so they were filming the entire race and hopefully I can find a clip when they finally show the segment. In the beginning of the race we had to introduce ourselves ... it was exciting to say that we were dating. Im sure throughout the race we were called the gay dating couple by the other teams.

Anyway, I don't want to spoil the details of the race (for those who are in L.A. who wants to do it )... ok I know I'm attaching pictures but I won't mention the places and certain tasks. As you can see from these pictures, we went to a lot of places and had to do different task. Unfortunately, we lost by one minute. It was small mistake of not paying attention to the details of the clue. Oh well...second place out of twenty teams ai'nt so bad especially we worked hard to get it sprinting to the finish line, passing several other teams ( as seen in one of the photos below). I hope I didn't piss off The Boyfriend during the race so we can go do another race.


Blogger rOckY said...

oh man, this sounds like you had a ton of fun! i wish they'd do something like this here...

1:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second Places! Good Job! Team E.C. I think Team Boots is sound cute! he!he!he!

9:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he!he!he! I forgot"anonymous said" dat was me! ur lil sis! :-)

9:09 PM

Blogger Jen said...

Scary; glad to hear Tres is ok. Your pics with him are so adorable.

Second place? Now that is impressive. I should check out whether they have something like that here. Try out for the real thing again!

I'm sad Yau didn't win, though I believe the 5 mins I caught in the finale were the only 5 mins I watched of Survivor the past...6 years. ;] I stopped watching amazing race a few episodes after romber got booted... Charla/whoever were in the top 3? Ugh they were SO ANNOYING! I quit watching beecause every damn episode revolved around them and I couldn't deal with it. ;]

4:30 AM


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