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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Birthday Story Update

Like what I promised in my last post, here's a quick summary of my 26th birthday (weekend).

Friday--- I wanted to continue doing something special for my birthday so I applied to volunteer as a mentor for kids. I will talk more about this later, it deserves a post of its own. It might seem like volunteering is not as special compared to what I did for my two previous birthdays but its something I really wanted to do and I will be helping some very special kids. I think this mentorship program will play a much larger influence in my life. We will see...

---The Boyfriend and I had dinner at a restaurant in the Thai town portion of Hollywood. We then went on a grocery shopping spree for the next day's dinner preparations.

Saturday---I really wanted to have a full day so we woke up early (well I guess early for a Saturday morning). Stopped by the local farmer's market just off Sunset Blvd. Had an excellent cheap Mexican food. I then suggested to go hiking. Initially I wanted to go to the popular Runyon Canyon which has excellent views of the city but I decided to take him to a more secluded hiking path (I know what you're thinking... no nothing happened!)

---This hiking path is part of Griffith Park. We started in a residential area of Los Feliz, and hiked up to a serene garden midway up the mountain. This garden is very unusual since it has pine trees which is not typical of the Los Angeles area mountain vegetation. At this garden we kept taking goofy pictures... using continuous shot on my Canon we kept doing this action shots (and no, I'm not talking about action shots in porn). It was very peaceful, just what I needed. When I got home a got a package from my younger sister and mail from my older sister. How sweet!

---Most of the afternoon was devoted to me cooking. I prepared way too much food. I overestimated how much each of my bitchy friends would eat. I spent over 3 hours, cooking, marinating, baking, filleting and every other -ing. I baked some spanakopita (sp?) from Trader Joe's. I made some Fettucine primavera(olive oil, brocolli, sundried tomatoes, grilled peppers, and fresh basil from my garden) and garlic bread. I also baked chicken marinated in lemon. Since I'm Filipino I had to include rice but I opted for the healthier brown rice. For dessert, I bought strawberry and chocolate slow churned Dryers ice cream and The Boyfriend bought a carrot cake (my favorite). We had Australian white wine and played Scrabble and Cranium till I had to kick out my friends past midnight. It was a great birthday!

Such a beautiful path.

Look I can fly!

More goofing around!

Here's why I should have brought that mini-tripod. Below is a slightly better angle of us.


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