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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Goodbye Pluto...Part Deux

Before I continue the story, I would like to point out that there is a tropical storm Ernesto in the Carribean right now and its bound to hit the U.S. mainland sometime next week, most likely turning into a hurricane. I'm not sure if this one's going to be strong but if it is, I take no responsibility in any loss of life, property and internet connections.

Ok, back to the after posting the first part and after receiving comments about it, I've decided to finish it off with an abbreviated one paragraph summary. Why? Because I for one got bored towards the end re-reading what I posted. My attention span is as short as those juicy shorts that college women would wear out in the gym (very short). Refer back to the previous post to re-acquaint yourself with the list of characters and the roles they play.

After Saturn informed Pluto about his impending doom, Mercury and Neptune (both in the Freaks and Geeks group) approached Pluto since they felt bad for the young bloke. Both knew that even if they join forces, they're not going to be able to physically protect poor Pluto. Neptune suggested that Pluto better start increasing his rotations so he can escape the wrath of Jupiter. Mercury suggested that Pluto should go immediately to Principal Sun for protection but Pluto insisted that he doesnt want to take any more heat from the principal. All of a sudden, a shadow casts over was Jupiter. Pluto slowly turned around and in an instant was knocked off his revolutionary path by the powerful Jupiter. The rest of the planets/students just watched. Earth, forever self-centered, screamed out loud since the attention wasn't on her. Her banshee-like scream caught Mr. Sun's attention. The Principal demanded an explanation for all the ruckus but since Pluto is still quite unstable from the attack, and Jupiter still fuming from his successful bullying assault, only Earth spoke up and explained what happened (of course it's completely biased and made herself the sole victim). Mr. Sun was easily swayed by Earth's Hollywood-like acting complete with fake tears( not to mention she is his favorite student in Solar System High School). He praised Jupiter for his valiant effort to protect Earth and scolded Pluto and told him to go to the Principal's office where Ms. Moon, (the school secretary) in her usual lifeless demeanor called up Pluto's parents and instructed them to pick him up. The following week Pluto never returned to Solar System High. They later found out that he transferred to a magnet school for the gifted kids called Dwarf High School, where being different was an asset and not something to be ashamed off. There he finished his high school years together with his best new friends, Asteroid and Comet. --------------The End

What's the lesson of the story.... That one day, a hurricane Ernesto will wreak havoc, so bow down bitches!


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