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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've just about.....

....pooped myself when I found out that the DVD for the first season of Beverly Hills 90210!!!!! is coming out soon (Nov 7). Mark your calendars, and prepare your best 90's get up, I'm going to throw a 90210 (via 90039) party as soon as this comes out. Apparently, Melrose Place is coming out the same day but we can only have one zip code per party rule...maybe the next one but for now I want people to gear up to relive the 90's......Holy crappolla! How about I make everyone dress up to their favorite character...I'm not sure if more like Brenda Walsh or am I Andrea Zuckerman...hmmm

....outgay-ed myself when I submitted an email to the most popular blog devoted to Project Runway. As seen from my earlier post, I'm a self-confessed Project Runway addict (after the season I will sign up for a 12-step program). This weekend I thought about submitting my garbage chic-inspired dress to the bloggers of "Blogging Project Runway". I just wanted them to know the extent of how this show makes people behave out of the norm... guess what...they actually posted my email (with some missing words thus making me look like an idiot in addition to being overtly gay). Check it out, click here, scroll down I'm like the 4th fan mail down (you can tell coz the same pictures were there).


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hey that's cool.. your website's like famous now


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