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Friday, August 18, 2006

Project Runway 3: Garbage Chic!

Since my last entry was just too long that it put my sister to sleep when she was reading it...i'll keep this short. I'M ADDICTED TO PROJECT RUNWAY! "How addicted?" you asked. Well, before this past week's episode where the designers had to create an outfit using recycled materials from a New Jersey recycling facility, I had already made an outfit using plastic bags and clear tape. I posted this before but as a reminder here's the link from my blog post.

Maybe i'll start diving in dumpsters... to get new materials for my next work... How does a cocktail dress made of old dried banana peels and McDonalds hamburger wrappers sound? (j/k)

Uli's dress was my favorite ( I did like Michael's but I thought this one
really looked like a real intricate fabric)

How the F**K did Vincent end up staying with this piece of crap. I was soooo weirded out coz he kept describing it like he's a pervert getting off to some sick kiddy porn...Anyway, this piece of crap "dress" looks like some kid decorated a sack of flour.

Poor Allison. Yes she made her model look like Minnie Mouse and she made her look slightly bigger than she already is (compared to all the other models) but once in a while things just doesnt work out. I do like all the folding and the assymetry of the dress but overall it didnt work. Despite of her lapse in judgement, I still love Allison. I thought she was going to make it to the top three who will show for the Spring Fashion Week. My original prediction was Allison, Michael and maybe Keith/Jeffrey (always need a hated character in there). Now it could be Michael, Kayne and Jeffrey/Laura (she has turned evil these past few weeks).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love project runway too...

It was sad to see Allison go.

My top three predictions are Michael, Uli, and Keanne


10:14 AM


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