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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Exploring Los Angeles: The Getty Villa in Malibu

A few weekends ago, Mr. UN invited me to visit the newly re-opened Getty Villa in the Malibu hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean (click here to visit the site). Although much smaller than the Getty Center in Brentwood, the Villa offers a replica of a first century Roman house, Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy. It boasts precious collections from the Roman, Greek and Etruscan civilization. Perhaps the best part of this museum are the gardens that surrounds it. Unfortunately, tickets are hard to get (it is free but you have to sign up on a very long wait-list...thank you Mr. UN).

Moi enjoying the shade

Some of the beautiful sculptures

A beautiful water feature, its hard to see but the whole thing border is elevated and water just cascades from it.

The inside peristyle. A long reflection pool cuts in the middle of this courtyard that is surrounded by sculptures

The outside peristyle with an even larger and longer pool.

The classical theater. In the foreground, Mr. UN, the Teacher BF, and the Tall Mexican waiting for our tour guide (also free)

Gay dorks

Long Hallway with beautiful murals on the wall

The herb garden with The Teacher BF

Me and The Croat showing off our nerdy glasses

The whole gang


Anonymous Dakota~ said...

Thanks so much for your comment, so fetch! lol~
I loveeeeee your greek pictures, especially that one with the water fountain, my god! i could easily get used to living in that house! It's interesting to see old things that were made so long ago, sometimes it makes we modern people look and feel stupid because other people were great craftsmen and already knew more than us, years ago.
It looks so sunny there! you lucky bitch~! haha.
lLusting of me? you gave someone the link of my site ^^_? so kewl!~ Anyway, soon I'll link your blog., it's just so much fun reading and viewing your pictures, love it, love it, lovvvvvvvvvve it!
take care
And thanks for commenting!!!!!

2:11 PM

Anonymous Nina said...

Wow. nice pictures! Love it, you must've loved the place. Im jealous.

1:45 PM


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