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Monday, May 08, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day


*I just finished my second year of graduate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I dont have summer vacation because now I have to get cranking at work, I need to produce data so I can present it to my committee and cram for possibly the biggest exam I have to take.....the qualifying exam. Its not exactly do or die if I fail it because they let you retake it next year but thats the issue...they let you take it next year which means an extra year to finish the program...not exactly a fun idea.

*I went to Ex-Roomy#1's and her girlfriend, Lady V., Wine and Cheese party last Saturday night (a much needed study break). I was the first one there and weirdly enough I was on time ( which in gay time, means I'm early). When I got there, Ex-Roomy was still in the shower and Lady V. has yet to get dressed (hmm...what were they doing? was there a "pre-party" to this party). Anyway, I brought some Havarti cheese and some crackers but I didnt try my own cheese coz I ended up eating two-platefulls of meat lasagna and downed some apple martini's ( I paid for it later in the night with a tummy ache). It was fun just to hang out with my friends. The Tall Mexican was there (yes bitch I got a good picture of you this time), Ex-ex roomy and his
man (Mr. Teacher), another college friend, Ms. MTV (she's working for MTV again, maybe she can hook me up to be in one of their shows hehe j/k) and Ex-Roomy#3 came so late we didnt really get the chance to catch up. Here are some pictures.

The Tall Mexican and his version of Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" while Ex-Roomy#1 is opening her 5th wine bottle for the night.

From top center clockwise; Tall Mexican, Ex-Roomy#3, Ex-Ex Roomy, moi, Lady V. Ex-Roomy #1 and Ms. MTV

Ms. MTV and Ex-Ex Roomy guilty for eating the last bit of cheese.

You better watch out Ex-ex Roomy, your man (Mr. Teacher) is trying to seduce me ( hehe just kidding)

Complaints and other things I bitch about:

*All of these cute mother's day commercials....they're making me sad.

*My car finally validated my insanity and paranoia that something's wrong with it. After the party last Saturday night, I was driving home on the 10 freeway and then the "check engine" light went on. I continued to drive home hoping that my car wont give up on me considering in the downtown L.A. area at freaking 2 AM ( not the best place to be at that time of the day). So the following morning ( at the butt crack of not really more like 8AM which is still very early given that I didnt go to sleep till 3AM) I took the car to the Nissan dealership in Universal City. I dropped it off, thinking that they can fix it in no time but I didnt realize that everyone and their mother was there, apparently theyve been there way before me. I was told that it might take 2-3 hours (which I estimated to mean 4-5 hours). I waited for an hour in their waiting room (they had stale coffee and burned cookies and on the tv, they were playing some bad 80's action movie where the main characters had this enormous gerry curls) and then I couldnt wait anymore so I asked if they can drop me off at Universal City Walk. I spent a couple of hours there, studied (or tried to), watched some high school girls make a fool of theirselves by running around with a sign announcing that a band will be performing at noon (theyre groupies in training) and played a guessing game as to where all of these tourist are from (the Europeans are easy to pinpoint). Finally I got a call from the dealership, went back to their office only to find out that they cant fix my car that day because they dont have the parts that needs to be replaced. I waited 4 hours for nothing! So now I have to go back sometime this week.

*One last visit to my dentist. For the record this is my seventh time, for the past 2 months. I'm finally getting my second permanent crown which means I have to say goodbye to this temporary silver "bling" crown. Its exciting but at the same time its almost weird coz I got used to the pain from my weekly visits. Im such a masochist sometimes. (i'll take a picture of my new chops maybe next it off a bit considering each one costs a roundtrip ticked to the Philippines!

Other Blah:

*I'm watching the Crufts Dog Show right now on Animal Planet channel and I cant stop giggling everytime the British commentator says (in his very British, very proper accent)..." This two year old border terrier is a very beautiful dog... I LOVE THIS BITCH!" I cant stop giggling everytime he refers to the dogs as a lovely bitch. Anyway, some of these dogs are so cute...I wish I can have one ( I just wouldnt know where to put it and I know that the dog will hate me coz they know that deep inside I'm not a dog person....I'm really a cat person. Dogs hate me, I can sense the way, the winner for tonight's dog show; an Australian Sheep Dog (something like this on the picture).

*I'm itching to travel somewhere...anywhere. I really want to visit the Philippines mostly because I havent been there in about a decade. Also I've recently been reading blogs from the Philippines. (click on the highlighted text to see each of these interesting blogs) The majority of these writers are call center employees, one rich fabulous socialite, a walking gay soap opera, and nomadic Filipino-American exploring the provincial life in the Philippines (who by the way, is very cute). Looking at their pictures and reading their stories about their lives and whats going on in the country really inspires me to visit. I promised myself that if I pass my qualifying exam next month then I will definitely go.

p.s. Congratulations to Ex-Roomy#1 for getting accepted to Harvard and same goes for Lady V. for getting admitted to NYU. Buena suerte!


Anonymous jen said...

Ernie. I have just found your blog, and already I am loving it. huzzah for the myspace and linking to other cultlike online communities.

Hey! I know those people!

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