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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day


*I know I havent finished my Birthday related postings.... instead of having a separate posting, i'll just summarize it. After an eventful dinner (wherein more than half of the people didnt get there till an hour after our reservation and The Croatian's BF called our server a "bitch" in an endearing way), we went to a karaoke place (who'se name I wont mention because i'm an unhappy customer, and I dont want to promote their establishment which is run by a Japanese version of a karaoke-Nazi). I got to sing "Overjoyed" by MSW (Mr. Stevie Wonder) in honor of American Idol's theme that week. I did a little bit of "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" scaring The Boyfriend a little bit because of my amateurish lap dancing attempt (refer to the picture). Lots of stories....but I think everyone had fun. I just wished The Boyfriend actually sung (gr?) for me (hint hint).

Anyway, we ended the night with a trip to The Abbey in West Hollywood, had a nice drink, got a little tipsy (i'm such a lame drinker now) so I let The Boyfriend drive home....all in all it was a great night.

*Go UCLA!!!!! I cant believe that the Bruins made it this far. Although I picked them to be in the NCAA Final Four in a Yahoo pool that I'm part of, I picked them because of loyalty. I should've believed in you guys more! Anyway, cant wait to watch the game this Saturday.... unfortunately, I'm not going to win the pool I'm in (first place is $175 I think). But to my credit, I was leading last week (till all the upsets screwed up my choices...Connecticut and Villanova...I'm deeply disappointed), well I was tied for 1st place with a total 35 people! Enough Final Four talk, thats pretty much the only "straight thing" I do every year.... I dont even watch the super bowl but I just cant miss March Madness.


*I cant stand it when people question me why I have stickers for both UCLA and USC. First it was the guys at EZ Lube heckling me about it (why cant they just do their job, change my oil then tell me that everything else is messed up in my car and that they have to charge me an arm and a leg and my first born child for repairs I didnt ask for) and then this morning, the garbage collector did the same exact thing. Sometimes I just smile and say "I like them both" trying to avoid explaining myself. I understand that there is a rivalry blah blah blah... why cant I be a Bruin and Trojan at the same time?


*I've been reading tons of blogs (i'm such a bad student) at work these past few days and I happen to find this guy's blog. At first I wasnt sure what to think of his blog but the more I read, the more I got a sense of why he seems so angry. He talked about painful details about his life without any hesitation...I left him a comment praising his courage to let it all out for the world to see and to stop worrying about what everyone is thinking about. Unlike him, I still hesitate as to what I talk about here and worry about what people think of me. Like what this guy said, I should stop being a "slave to public opinion". Its a long way to go but I'm trying.

Other Random Blah

*I'm finally dealing with my dental dilemma. Loose all my teeth or pay someone to inflict pain on me and pay them bazillion gazillion dollars.....hmmmm I opted for the latter. So in two days, I'm going to have two root canals....wait i'll have to type it again ..... TWO ROOT CANALS !!!!!
This weekend is going to suck ass....

* I got gifts for my b-day (thank you everyone). The best one is Best Friend #1's gift. She gave me a gift certificate that you can use for a lot of online stores, restaurants etc. I used it for my favorite cafe/restaurant (Panera Bread), and bought two cd's, 80's pop hits and TLC's Crazy, Sexy Cool Album ( one of my all time favorites...awwww I miss the original TLC). Thanks BFF#1!

*I got tickets for a sneak preview of "Take the Lead"...the Antonio Banderas movie. I went with my USC Girls (aka I.B.M.) to the Grove on a horrible, rainy night...where streets are flooded and LA drivers are doing their usual crazy driving....anyway, the movie was fun, not exactly the best movie but very enjoyable. Not to mention Dante Basco was really cute in this one....go Rufio! Thank you STAR 98.7 for the tickets and the trucker hat that has the title of the movie printed on it ( I probably wont wear it, maybe I'll sell it on E-bay).

*I cant even start talking about all the tv shows I've been watching...I know I promised it before, but I swear, i'll talk about the following shows: Amazing Race, America's next Top Model, American Idol, Top Chef and other shows....gosh I miss Project Runway (I'm sooo pathetic).


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that is the WORST picture of me I've ever seen. FIND ANOTHER ONE :)

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