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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day

I got to hang out with my family this past weekend. My little sister is celebrating her 23rd she's old! (just kidding Maye). Lil' E/ The Orange Bandit/ Little Sumo Wrestler is starting to walk... especially when we use an orange as a bait, he runs after it.

I hate filing taxes. Unfortunately, this year I had to pay instead of receiving returns (its a long story...something about USC messing up how they handle my scholarship). My case was so rare that the people in H&R Block were not sure how to handle it. I was there for almost 3 hours and somehow we needed a total of 5 tax folks to figure it out. This tax year, I'm paying ahead of time, so I dont have to pay a big ridiculous amount next year.

Tomorrow is my mom's 11th year death anniversary. I still remember that day, the very last time I saw her.... I miss you Ma

Random Blah
*I love watching the olympics. Of course my favorite event is figure skating...but last night, I couldnt go to sleep. I was flipping through the channels and I happen to stop on the USA network ( I guess NBC owns them) and they had the USA women's team vs. Canada. After half hour of watching, I think I somewhat understand the gist of the game. Its almost like chess, except you actually use some physical skills, endurance and basic geometry. I'm looking forward to watching another game (I'm such a loser). More Olympics commentaries; Johnny Weir is a bitchy queen and because of his interview tonight (where they showed him driving while listening to Christina Aguillera's "what a girl want", and his commentary that one of his performance resembled a vodka shot with snort of coke) I think I'm going to be definitely cheering for him. Im sad that Michelle Kwan is not competing but its commendable that she didnt insist on skating and allowed someone else who might be able to better represent USA.

*On Bravo...I still cant believe that Nick is auf wiedersehen-ed....its true that he hasnt been doing well but comeone. That bitch Santino's outfit is falling apart. I cant believe the make up artist said that Santino has a great jawline....bitch please. Now I have to my prediction for the top three...Daniel and Chloe are definitely there but I think Kara ( from out of nowhere) is the third person!

*The Boyfriend and I have been kayak-ing for the past 4 weekends. We went outside of Newport Bay two weeks ago, and I think this weekend, we're going to go further out...its scary but I'm getting used to it. I'll try to get some pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he!he!he! i know i'm old but da good thing is i don't look old!! he!he! every1 still saying i look younger dan 23year old!!! I missed her too(mama)!!!!

ur lil sis

9:31 AM


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