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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back from camping....and I survived!!!

Day 1
I had a great time this past three-day weekend. Like what I said in my previous post, The Boyfriend and I went camping in Catalina Island. After I found out that theres a good chance of rain, I was somewhat hesitant but theres no backing out. We drove early to San Pedro to get on the ferry to Two Harbor as we arrived the port, it starts raining. We trekked to our camping site with our huge backpacks. By the time we got there we were so via Avalon. As soonaking wet, muddy pants and boots and we still had to set up our tent.

Day 2
Sunday was definitely a good change from the gray and wet first day. Woke up early, went hiking and then rented a two-person kayak. It was my first time (yes I'm a virgin at kayaking), as soon as I got on that kayak, the wave hit us hard soaking me! What a great start but we got it on our second try. Later that day, we decided to re-use our home-made tarp (trash bags) and made a kite out of it. Its interesting how a simple, inexpensive thing can be so much fun.

Day 3
Woke up early, packed up, had a large breakfast at the town restaurant (yes theres only one), and took the ferry back to mainland California. It was such a great weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no internet or phone huh???mmmmm???? he!he!he!!!!

ur lil sis!!

2:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris looks bad ass without his hat. he looks like a british rocker.

10:57 AM


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