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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No I can't prescribe you medicine!

Everytime I tell people what I do, a lot of them tune out right about when I say..."I do research in...." I try my best to not overcomplicate my explanation and at the same time dont dumb it down too much that the person I'm talking to might feel a bit offended. They get the studying part but the rest remain's a mystery to these confused few (which includes not only acquaintances but friends and family too). Often, after telling them that I'm getting a PhD., I get a question somewhere in the line of "so can you write me prescription" or "so can you give me plastic surgery". I figured, why waste my time explaining if I can show it (hehe I know its a ridiculous premise)....So the series of pictures pretty much portrays what I do on a daily basis (in addition to going to classes).


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