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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ernesto's Travels: Boston

This past year, I did a lot of travelling. Im going to post some of my favorite pictures. To enlarge, click on each picture.

* Best Friend-Nat and I spent 3 days in Boston. We visited Other Best Friend-Roy and also just to explore Boston in autumn. Top left-right:(1)State Capitol (the dome is bling-blingy), (2) a gaslamp in Beacon Hill (I want to move there), (3) Public Garden lake, (4) Nat doing a Michael Jackson dance move (hehe no, she's just enjoying the breeze), (5) foliage and some random statue by the Charles river, (6) Gravestone of Sam Adams (hmmm beer), (7) a display against the war in Iraq, Copley square was filled with shoes of the soldiers who died those of Iraqi children and woman. (8) Facade of a building used for the filming of Cheers (Where everybody knows your name), (9) Three pinoys in Harvard (part of the plot of taking over the world refer to yesterdays post), (10) Real World Boston's house (or should I say firehouse which is now a community center of sort), (11) BF-Nat and I enjoying the warmth of "Dunkin Donuts" coffee (delish)...


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