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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The mountain every gay man wants to go to

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So like every gay man in this planet of ours (I'm not sure if there are gay Martians) has been waiting for the release (no pun intended) of Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain". Based from Annie Proulx short story, this movie had so much buzz (well mostly in the gay community) even before the movie was made. Maybe because of the casting of Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhall but I think the reason why people made a big deal about it is because its not your stereotypical gay movie; its just like any other run on the mill love story except its between two men.

I was fortunate enough to see it during its first week of limited release ( and I mean limited, only 5 theaters in LA, NYC and SF). The Boyfriend-Chris and I went to "The Grove" in West Hollywood...after getting stuck in the parking structure desperately looking for parking (refer back to a post about Christmas in LA) for 45 minutes, I made an illegal turn and squeezed my car in a space fit for those tiny European cars. I was hoping for a lot of previews but it turned out that we missed the first 5 minutes of the movie and since we were soo late, we got the worst seats in the theater (front and center aka neck breakers/nausea inducer). As a consolation, at least we were closest to the screen during the sex scenes (hehe just kidding).

Below is my take on the movie which contains some spoilers so for those who doesnt want to find out what happened... dont read below.

The Boyfriend pretending he's a cowboy.

I was deeply moved by this movie. I didn't expect too much from it because I hate getting dissapointed after all the buzz. Well I wasn't dissapointed at all. The cinematography was great, all the actors did a fine job (Heath for being a convincing cowboy, Michelle for really showing the pain of knowing that you're husband is doing hanky panky with another cowboy, and Jake for being just plain adorable). I didnt know that Jake's character (Jack) was going to die at the end, it was painful to watch Ennis (Heath's character) in the last scene of the movie when he was hugging the last tangible memory of his love for Jack. Although there was alot of hype about their sex scene, I thought that the movie wasnt all about that, in fact, it was better to see these two guys show affection for each other during the more quiet scenes of the movie when they're just talking. I think the best quote in the movie was given by Jack (Jake) when they had an argument as to where they're secret tryst was leading to. Jack said Ennis, "I wish I know how to quit you". This quote summarized their situation. The love they have for each other is just too much that they just cant seem to get rid of each other regardless of the risk and the people that they're hurting by not being truthful.


Anonymous Nat said...

ahhh great!Now I know what happens in the movie. Thanks for the spoiler poophead. I'll go watch it anyway. Definitely put a spoiler alert though... Me likely your bloggy!

3:12 PM


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