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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reality Ruckus; part1 (hot hot guys in bikinis, german models saying Auf Wiedersehen, and crazy lesbians!)

CBS finally announced the new teams for my favorite Amazing Race (season 9 starts on Feb. 28). It looks like they didnt cast any teams that are over the top...but its too early to tell. So far, I think i'll root for the nerdy team, the hippies, and the other under-dogs. In addition, I cant help but support the alpha male team mostly because of this picture of them (although I want one of the all-female teams to win, as long as these two hunks stay till the end of the show, i'll be a happy tv-addict. Also, if Phil wears more tight pants, the ratings will definitely rise).

Over at Bravo, the second season of Project Runway is truely living up to the original season. Lots of drama, lots of fashion kudos and disasters, but for the most part lots of gay boys prancing around fulfilling their life-long dreams! Earlier in the season I was really rooting for Diana-the-nerd (see the pattern of my nerd-loving) but she was teamed up with the worst designer in the bunch so she was Auf Wiedersehen by the lovely and very preggy Heidi Klum aka Mrs. Seal. Queen-bitch-Zulema is finally kicked out even though she won the week before...who is going to cause drama now especially Santino aka Hannibal Lecter (he said a couple of times that he will eat other contestants if necessary) finally realized that his artistic bruhaha might be too "fashion forward" ( which means its a piece of crap). My predictions for the top three (the pictures are that of their designs):

Sure Bets:

Chloe and Daniel

Battle for the third spot

Nick, Andrae and yes even Santino (if he really pulls his shit together these next two challenges)
click to enlarge each picture.

Lastly, over at MTV....the reality whore's of Real World and Road Rules (which has dearly departed us) are back again...divided between the newbie- whore (Rookies) and the been-there done-that-whores (veterans). Im surprised that Veronica is not in this Gauntlet 2 (I guess they might have to make a team just for her; professional whores). Anyway, its hard to summarize this season....its full of alcohol, sex and crazy people who would do everything to get a shopping spree at Best Buy (one of the prizes). How crazy is it...and I quote one of my favorite cast members (Aneesa from RW-Chicago) "Suck my dick bitch".

Till next week (or whenever I get the time to write)


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