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Monday, January 30, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day

The Boyfriend and I got a membership at the Newport Beach Aquatic Center. Its a fancy schmancy sports club with a gym and storage for different sorts of boats. The first week we tried the two-man sit on top kayak and this past Saturday he talked me into trying this Hawaiian style outrigger (like a kayak with a beam support on one side). I wasn't quite sure how stable it was going to be coz I saw this ultra-buff guy the week before; falling all over the muddy water (which was hilarious coz he was really trying to keep his composure). To reassure me that it is indeed stable, The Boyfriend tried it first...he was right so I followed along. We got off to a good start, paddling towards the mouth of Newport Bay. The Boyfriend decided that he needed to test the extent of this kayak's stability so he started swaying side to side...all of a sudden i see the boat flip over!!!!! I was genuinely concerned because the boat could have hit him on the head but he was fine and we both had life vests on. He turned it over and climbed back in... when I was sure he was ok...thats when I started laughing (I'm such an evil boyfriend....sorry babe). To make it worse, this whole thing occured in front of a bunch of Newport high brows staring down at both of us from their mansion. Anyway, we continued on our way to the ocean. We turned around at the mouth of the bay and rushed our way back to the aquatic center... by the time we got there I have just about to loose both my arms from paddling and toes from freezing (i didnt have any shoes on). We're definitely doing it again, and this time we're going out all the way to Laguna Beach.

After a strenuous Saturday, I followed it up with yet another tiring Sunday... It was such a beautiful day (70 degrees in the middle of winter! hells yeah I'll be outside), so we went out on a bike ride. Roundtrip it was almost 20 miles... on our way back The Boyfriend has to give me a boost because I was lagging behind (i looked like an 80 year old lady on a bike). Here are some pictures from our ride

(1) flower from the Irvine Edible Garden...where you can really just pickup all sorts of vegetables and take it home.
(2) The Boyfriend looking sexy
(3) We passed by tons of ducks and other types of birds like herons etc.
(4)Me looking ridiculous with my all black ensemble


*Best Friend #1 (Nat) is very dedicated into having these medical goods delivered to a needy hospital in the Philippines.
*Best Friend #2 (Roy) had a short visit last week. The last day he was here, we did some shopping in West Hollywood but he really just want to bring one luggage. So in the middle of the sidewalk he piled up all of his clothes and somehow fit all of them in a tiny carry-on luggage.

* I know I keep saying that I'm a reality-tv addict but I havent really talked about it...I promise I'll post a crazy-ass comprehensive reviews for my current favorites (Project Runway, Real World-Road Rules Challenge, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol) and upcoming shows (Real World Key West, Survivor Exile Island and of course Amazing Race 9). But a quick peek(click on active links on each names to see their audition videos); my favorites from the American Idol tryouts Paris Bennett, Ace Young, Zachary Smith, Lisa Tucker and several other notables but I'll reserve them for later. Anyway, I'm rooting for Paris because she's adorable and her voice is so unique.

Complaints...and other things that pisses me off:

*That driver this morning who not only cut me off at the 4-way stop, he even did a gesture as if I'm the culprit...he got a well deserved middle finger and a honk.

*The Philippine customs, for being so Best Friend #1's charity work is sitting in a storage facility and the only way they can get it is if they make some under the table deals....horrible! For my readers in the islands of the Filipinos... can you guys help my best friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Roy!!! well!! both of u alway crazy shopping!! everwer u guys go need to buy something!! especialy!! Roy!!he!he!he! anything he saw dat look cute! he will buy it!!

10:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

n forgot!! yeah!! dat mean!! u laugh at him!(b.f.)dat not funny!! well!! he is so tall!! n u short!!

ur lil sis

10:20 PM


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