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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Curious who?

I understand that people in marketing needs to always invent ways to sell their products. Sometimes, their ideas are a bit ridiculous. Lets take for example the movie "Curious George". I was driving home this morning on my way to work and I passed by a couple of buses with the movie poster on their sides and a couple of billboards of the crazy looking monkey on a yellow background. When I got home from work, I opened up my netflix envelope and there it is...the crazy monkey again. By then I already got tired of being inundated with this movie's advertisement. But wait....its not done yet. I was washing my dishes and next to the kitchen sink was a bundle of bananas and there was a sticker on it....what else but yet again the crazy monkey! I understand the connection but come on....did some marketing executive really concocted this not so brilliant idea of advertising their movie to banana buyers... I know they're trying to put a little bit of humor in it but I personally think its innefficient....Dont get me wrong, I love monkeys....but due to their over-marketing, I dont think I'm going to watch this movie....bleh!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

u r so funny bro!!! he!he!he! u better watch dat movie or else da crazy monkey will be in ur room!! will say!! "u mean!" he!he!he!

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn. that monkey is everywhere. ive seen him on a couple of buses and on a billboard off the freeway.

5:23 PM


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