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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Exploring Los Angeles: Glassel Park

Last night, I was looking at the city lights from across the 5 freeway. It occurred to me that I've never really explored the neighborhood across the way. So after work, I drove towards Glassel Park (situated between Echo Park, Atwater Village, Silverlake and Lincoln Heights). Its an interesting neighborhood, mostly residential, lower middle to middle class and mostly Latino. The houses are very much like stereotypical California abodes; some have little vegetable gardens in their front yard. The commercial area is mostly on San Fernando Blvd. The Metro Blue Line zips by as I drove next to a huge open lot east of this neighborhood. Large trucks and other machineries tells me that this lot parallel to the LA river and the train tracks will undergo a major development. Its most likely going to be high density residential buildings. If the developers can persuade the city of LA to create a Blue line stop here, then the units will sell like pancakes because it will have a direct connection to downtown and also the valley without driving. Unfortunately, this means that this cute little neighborhood will suffer from he spreading gentrification much like certain neighborhoods in L.A. Im not saying that any sort of projects by developers are always a bad thing. I just think that the people who currently lives in these neighborhoods might be driven out (by force or by choice). I would like to see what will happen to Glassel Park.

While I was exploring this neighborhood, I stopped by the local Out of the Closet store. I love shopping for new clothes but once in a while, I find myself going through racks and racks of old, used (some vintage) clothes in search of bargain and anything that might strike my interest. Unlike the vintage stores in Melrose (where a freaking Mickey Mouse cotton shirt can cost me $40), this store is definitely for bargain hunters. I know...I'm kind of hesistant to pick up some of the items coz....well.....they're used. I have no idea who used to wear this clothes. Did they donate it because its out of fashion? Is it because they spilled some unknown liquid on it? Or maybe because they've gained a few pounds and they finally admitted that their favorite jeans is two sizes too small for them now. One thing is for sure, their donation will go to a good cause. It funds AIDS Healthcare Foundation and in some stores they even have HIV testing. How convenient is can go shopping and get learn about your HIV status! Anyway, so here's a couple of things I found. I didnt get to try them but I can tell that they will fit and has no suspicious stains. A light blue, cotton, short sleeve shirt from Structure and a light grey, also cotton, short sleeve polo shirt from Hanes. Totale price for both; $5.00


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