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Monday, March 20, 2006

25 part 2

I know my last post was such a downer but this one is completely different. I did end up celebrating my birthday...a very a long celebration. Here's the time line and pictures.

5:45 AM-- Woke up, prepared breakfast (bagels with cream cheese) and lunch ( a very tasty
turkey sandwich with provolone, salad mix and romano caesar dressing).

6:30---Drove to Azusa, got there early, so finished breakfast in the car. Met up with the rest of
folks who is going to go bungee jumping.

8:00---Officially signed documents saying that if I somehow break every single bone in my
body or my brain ends up somewhere on the creek its not the companies fault. Drove to
Angeles national forest following a caravan. ( I was the last car....I hate being the last car)

9:00---got our instructions before the hike, started hiking. Temperature around 50 degrees,
getting cloudier by the minute.

10:00---halfway through the hike...the group has been separated into the lead are
the marine guys, second group and then theres our group...the slow folks. Unfortunately
I didnt get to take pictures because we were trying to catch up with the rest of the folks,
not to mention we're just trying our best to stay warm....crossing the waist-deep-
freezing cold creek is not exactly comfortable.

11:15---finally got to the bridge, got our last instructions, tried to stay warm but it was pointless
coz it started raining. Had lunch (wasnt quite sure if it was a good idea to eat before we
jump but I was starving). Finally, one by one people started to do their jumps

12:35---After getting my last minute instructions...and double checking my harness and the
rope, I started to climb over the bridge on a narrow red platform.

12:36---A little bit of hesitation not really sure if I wanted to jump forward or backwards... I
decided to do the latter. The instructor told me to concentrate looking at him, and just
countdown with him.... 5.....4......3......2.......1 BUNGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:37---No my life did not flash before me, but I could feel the adrenaline surge...On my way
On my way down I was screaming on top of my lungs...and when I hit the lowest point of
the bungee I apparently (one of the guys pointed it out when I finally got back on the
bridge) dropped the "F" bomb. I was a little shaky when I got back on the bridge but as you can see I was all smiles (i know its not a flattering picture but I just freaking jumped off a bridge...cut me some slack).

12:55---The Boyfriends turn to jump. He opted for the forward jump. This jump requires for a swan dive but as you can see from the picture...he didnt quite get there : )

1:15---Decided to leave earlier than the rest of the group...the rain is on and off, the
temperature dropped some more, and I can not feel my toes anymore. Two girls and one
other guy decided they're coming too.

2:30---Without a guide it was much harder finding the correct trails without crossing the creek
too much (at the end of the day we crossed it 20 times). To make things worse, it
started to hail, and then rain....its getting much colder and we still had more than an hour to hike. Also, the girls were scared of climbing down some of the trails that we found so we had to wait for them.

4:00---Finally got to my car....drove home with my heater on full blast.... to be continued


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i rememeber u told me about dat n I thou u juz playing! dat was crazy ass thing u did in ur b-day!! damn!! it looked like u had fun!! n look scary at hell!! u look so funny in ur pix! he!he!he!he!

lil sis!!

8:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god. you guys are CRAZY!

-Tall Mexican

12:43 PM

Anonymous Glenn said...

Rock on!!!!!!!! =)

11:11 PM


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