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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Small Revelations About Me! part 1

I havent been posting not because I'm busy...mostly because I'm lazy. The past few weeks, I've had random stories that I said I was going to write about and post here but I feel that each one is not enough for a single posting. So now I'm compiling a list of things that either revealed or reminded me of good and bad things about me....

*I'm often very predictable
---Like every other gay man, as soon as I heard that Brokeback Mountain is coming out on DVD, I immediately went on Amazon to buy it weeks before its release date and I just got it right now. Also, like every other gay man, I will be pausing or using the slow play motion button for certain scenes in the movie that...ehhhmmmm I'd rather not point out.

*I have high tolerance for pain...sometimes
---I had a root canal and three fillings last Friday. I was there for almost three hours
because I bled too much and they cant do the job with all that mess. Come to think of it
I think I know why I've been so lazy and lethargic the past few days...its probably
because of the root canal and all the nosebleeds I've had the past few days.

*I'm indecisive...most of the time
---I already know this. Everyone that I know, know this about me. But I hate when I do it.
I just cant seem to make a decision sometimes. I know its stupid but its definitely a
major flaw of mine. There's soo many stories I can use as an example but i'll use a
series of photo to show my dilemma when it comes to making a decision about getting
a haircut.

"Hmmm....I think I want to get a haircut"

"Should I shave it all off, go back to my usual cut, frostings/higlights???"

"I just cant decide"

"oh well I'll just sleep it off"

*Im a conformist and at the same time a non-conformist
---At the coffee shop today, once again, Im surrounded by Mac lap tops and iPods. Its
not that I cant afford to buy an iPod nor do I think my Fujitsu
lap top is superior to that of the Apple laptops.... I just dont want to be like everyone
else. Lets see how long till I give up my Rio mp3 player, for now I'm happy with it.

---Like everyone and their mother, I too succumbed to the call of Myspace. Not that I'm
against the idea...coz I'm a member of other similar networking-type websites (ie.
Facebook, Friendster, Downelink), its just that its soo damn popular that I tried to
resist signing up for it. Although this can be viewed as me conforming to what is
popular...I still rebelled a little by not posting anything on my Myspace page...yes
I signed up but I'm not gonna put anything on it (its such a superficial, pointless
battle but its just part of some of idiosyncrasies).

*I like to give myself a heart attack (aka I love to worry about everything)
---The Boyfriend pointed out that if everything that I'm worrying about is actually just
A-ok, then what the hell am I going to do with my life? It sounded mean but he was
right. What brought this comment you might ask...well I just asked him to check my
tire pressure 20349230942394nth time even though I just check it a few days ago.
I even bought a tire pressure gauge so I dont have to go to the gas station to have it
checked. I constantly think that something's wrong with my car. Obsessing about
the littlest out of the norm noise that it produces, or suspicious smell from the engine
(no its not my feet). I have a laundry list of things I worry about but I digress.

"I'm sure something's wrong with my car"

*I can be mean sometimes....not evil, just a tad bit judgemental or selfish
---When watching something on tv, I have a tendency to criticize everything. I'm like
an unwanted commentator or more like castigator. I usually have something
not-so-nice to say about some actors/reality folks/politicians etc. Also, when I'm
driving around and I'm at a stop light, I always have something to say about people
in other cars or on the street. I'm sure I'm not the only one who do this but
still, its not nice....i'll try to stop it (more like try to reduce it)

---Due to the heavy rains these past two days, the roof of a local grocery/drug store
collapsed leading to several feet of water inside the store. The good thing is that no
one was hurt...but that wasnt really the first thought in my head. Sadly, I first thought
about the possibility of them having a big sale because of all those rain soaked products
they have in the store. Wow...I'm soo inconsiderate.

p.s. today is 04/05/ cool is that. Even better, 01:02 (AM or PM) on 04/05/06...INSANITY! Ok I'm pathetic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U so Weird!! he!he!he! u don't have a pic dat u end up eating some food because u tired thinking wat kind hair cut u will get! Ur hair is not pretty not like Tres's hair!!j/k!!

ur lil sis

10:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give up and post something on my space already.. oh yeah, don't forget to add me =)


11:11 AM

Anonymous jen said...

I hear you on the myspace. I had absolutely no intention on joining... then my boss & the other guy in our department went and created theirs. Fine. I respect those two. I will give in. ;]

10:24 PM


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