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Friday, April 07, 2006

Quick recap of the day

I had a very eventfull day. Here's a recap.

*Woke up late...decided to have a very long breakfast while watching "The Price is Right" and "The View" (Is it me or Starr Jones is starting to look like a scary drag queen".

*I was craving for some Taco Bell. I remember when I used to work there in high school, I told myself that I will never eat anything from that place coz I got sick and tired of I crave it like I'm a pregnant woman. (Later on I had a whopper from Burger King for dinner and a McFlurry from McDonalds for dessert...basically I'm asking for a heart attack).

*Finally went to work, mostly instructed the undergrad in the what to do but I also did some data analysis (nothing too exciting). On a side note...I saw Kameelah from "Real World Boston" on turns out that she's a 4th year med student at USC.

*Phone calls from:
(1)The Boyfriend about his missing UPS package (we found out from the UPS site that it didnt have his apartment number so it was sent back to Colorado);
(2) Older Sister about her biopsy exam. She has some suspicious bumps in her legs...not from insect bites, not from allergies, basically unknown etiology...poor thing, I hope its not soo painful; (3) Best Friend #2 about his decision to postpone his plans for continuing grad school, instead he's going to teach for a year in the Philippines...its very exciting! (more details later).

*I was invited by The Tall Mexican and Ex-Roomy#2 to a hockey game at Staples Center. They came with a couple more friends so the five of us cheered for the away team ( love for the L.A. Kings). San Jose Sharks won 5-0, so most of the people left even before the game ended. I would've cheered for the Kings but they sucked ass tonight...they might as well sent one guy in to represent for the entire team. (and by special request I choose this guy to represent the Kings and for the Sharks, I choose Jonathan Cheecho. Now if only I can get these two to remove their shirst and padding, and get into a full on wrestling match on ice...hmmm wishful thinking.


*Finally on my way home I almost run over a skunk...Mr. Skunk decided to cross the street with his tail up almost threatening me of its toxic cologne. I decided that I will let him be the king of the I waited till he successfully crossed the street.


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