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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

06/06/06-Election Day

I'm currently studying for my qualifying exams so unfortunately I wont be updating till after next Friday....

For the superstitious, today's date is definitely something to be wary about. But for Hollywood, today's date is just another day to promote a movie. The remake of "The Omen" had their billboards all over the city for the past few weeks but yesterday while I was watering my vegetable garden, a plane scribbled in the sky 6-6-06 using the smoke that comes out from it. I ran to get my camera but the wind had diffused most of the smoke. Here's a couple of pictures.

I did my good deed as a citizen of this land of ours, I voted earlier today. Next to my voting booth, an old Japanese couple (who were voting Republican) were arguing over their last minute decisions... they then realized that the voting precinct is actually a store that sells underwear and lingeries (not your usual precinct) and the husband said something about her looking good in some of those lace was cute and nasty at the same time... OK back to work.

p.s. I got tired of studying this weekend so I just took pictures of The Boyfriend.


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