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Friday, May 19, 2006

Exploring Los Angeles: Hollywood

While waiting for my car to get fixed, I decided to take the subway (Metro Red Line) from Universal City station to the Hollywood and Highland station (its only a few miles away but I really wanted to use the subway coz I've lived here in L.A. for about six years and I've never used it before).

When I got to Hollywood and Highland I started walking around looking for anything interesting to take a picture of. I've been here plenty of times but I've never noticed that the columns that is lined up in front of the Kodak Theater (where they have the Oscars, and the recent American Idol Finale) have a list of the best picture awardees. The most recent one as seen in this picture is "Crash"....I wish it say's "Brokeback Mountain" instead.

The main entrance of the Kodak Theater. It doesnt look very impressive outside but its really beautiful inside.

That mall is soo clean you can eat off the floor.

A view from the main entrance, overlooking the Hollywood walk of fame ( you can somewhat see the stars and an Elmo impersonator) and across the street is the Jimmy Kimmel show and the El Capitan Theater.

More pictures of the main hallway.

The subway station at Hollywood and Vine has a ceiling made of old film reels...probably thousands of them.
Taken from the Universal City Red Line station. Its definitely not like the New York subways, as you can see in this picture, its practically empty except for this old lady walking around by herself (something that might be dangerous in NYC).

This stop has different murals telling stories of historical figures in L.A.

I do like the modern architecture.


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