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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Open Letter: Grey's Anatomy

Dear Grey's Anatomy, where do I start? First I have to tell you that I was one of those few folks who actually didnt change the channel or completely turned off the tv and called it a night when Desperate Housewife ended on your first night in the world of primetime. Remember that? Yes, I'm sure you dont since you're such a big show now that you probably dont remember that I'm one of the people who watched the entire first episode and then decided to send instant messages to friends of mine telling them about this superb show of yours. But its ok, I dont need any thank you letter... since you showed your appreciation to us, your rabid fans, by showing a KICK ASS season finale!

First I would like to address Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson). I truly adore your stregth and candor but at times your freaking scary. I cant blame you since you have to constantly teach (babysit) and discipline your interns. By the way, I saw an interview of yours and you said that people at Vons recognize you but they're not sure so they just say you LOOK LIKE HER!?!? Now which Vons do you shop at coz if I see you there i'll even offer to pay for your groceries (as long as you have 15 items or less).

Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.), WTF was that punishment....set up a prom!!!!! I guess for the doctors it is punishment but for me thats a chance to decorate and plan out an all 80's prom complete with Duran Duran, lots Aquanets and shoulder pads. Other than this absurd punishment, I would like to say, STOP messing with Grey's life. She's fucked up as it is...thank you.

Ok...Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh)...I love the fact that you represent all the nerdy Asian folks out there but the hyper-competitive-kiss-ass- attitude (although factual in most overachieving Asian students) is too much for me. And please, treat your man right...he is in a middle of a big dilemma which could cause his life and he asks for your advice...and all you said was "let me think about it"....WTF thats what you say when someone asks "What do you want for dinner?"Christina you dissapoint me but I cant help but understand your flaw---girl work on your emotions and your compassion. To Dr. Burke, now that your life is about to change I hope that you really clear things out with Dr. Yang. I really want to see you guys together...Yay for inter-racial relationships!

Speaking of inter-racial relationships, Dr. George O'malley...finally you got your act together and really showed how you feel for Callie.... it was quite funny coz she seems taller than you so when you were trying to push her on the wall it looked quite comical. You guys looked so cute together (and I really like your new haircut you kinda remind me of Russel Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind"). I would like to see your relationship develop, I'm glad that youre done with the whole Meredith thing coz frankly Meredith cant handle one guy let alone three. By the way, Callie, I saw you on Craig Ferguson last night and you sang "Fever"....awesome girl... you really can SANG! ( I meant sing)

And now Izzie, that dress is beautiful...and you looked gorgeous. I award you the title of "Prom Queen of Seattle Grace Hospital ". I was quite devastated when Danny died. Girl, dont be so hard on did your best....I mean you stole a heart for him what else could a girl do? Although I would prefer that you stay with Danny but lets face it, he already had two chances to live but I guess its not meant to be. I know your upset but dont walk out of the show (internship) just yet because in middle of you wailing and grieving, Dr. Alex picked you up and comforted you (while the rest of the gang looked on and did nothing). Which leads me to say, Alex, if you keep treating Izzie that way she might just decide to stay, forget about Duquette and get back with your STD-infested ass. Just stop being an ass-wipe, stop being so insensitive, and study so you wont feel so inept compared to the other interns...

Finally, I can address this mess also known as the love quadrangle (could have been a pentagon but its a good thing that George is out of the picture). Meredith................................................................................................................... I'm sorry I have to take a breather because this girl is a complete mess and she's messing up everyone's lives because she just cant seem to figure her own. You have two men fighting for your attention. Given that you're totally like 5th Grade in love with Dr. McDreamy, you have to remember that he showed up late in that bar that one time....remember?...yup that one time when you had an agreement that he would have to choose between you and his not-so-ex wife, Addison and you were going to wait for him at the bar but you waited all night like a complete loser sitting on the bar eating old nuts...he was freaking late. Anyway, my point is that Dr. McDreamy is a big piece of mess and when you add his mess to your own mess your lives are going to look like a public toilet in a rest stop...yup a complete shit. Now Meredith, lets look at Dr. Finn aka Dr. McVet, he is adorable, very sensitive and could possibly help you clean up the shitty mess known as your life. I personally have seen Dr. McVet (well actually Chris O'Donnell) with his real-life family in a Petco in Santa Monica. He looked like he's a good family man. All that I'm saying is that theres a clear choice here and you didnt have to give us that confused look at the end of the show (only for us to find out next season if you actually make a decision right there or you would avoid it by inviting both guys for some punch a threesome). I do feel bad for your dog passing away, I might be crazy but he probably died because of the tension in the room with the entire quadrangle surrounding him (as seen in the picture below). By the way, go look for your underwear before the hospital cleaning crew find it and put it on e-Bay or even worse hang it in their lockers.

Ok...Ive ranted enough...thank you for a great season and will just twiddle my thumb every Sunday night especially you're moving to Thursdays now which could completely conflict with my reality shows....dont make it so hard for us, rabid fans of yours, to look for you in the middle of the Thursday mess. Once again, thank you and goodnight.

Ernesto Nodado
a.k.a rabid fan


Anonymous jen said...

wow. you are indeed a rabid fan. I can almost see the froth coming out of your mouth.

5:05 AM


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