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Sunday, May 14, 2006

No Love From the Simpsons

The boyfriend and I have been stuck in his apartment for the past two days studying (well mostly him studying and me watching tv while reading the same page in my book over and over again). His big qualifying exam is in two weeks and mine is about a month from his case he needs to pass it or it could possibly mean bye bye to graduate school. Me...I have one more chance if I screw this up. Failing the first time means I have one more year to study which means one extra year of graduate school!!!!!!!!! Next thing you know i'll be a professional student.

Even the Simpsons' thinks were crazy for choosing graduate school as a post- college plan. There was a Simpsons' commercial where Bart is teasing some graduate student and Marge tried to "protect" the guy from Bart's teasing. It went sort of like this;

Bart: (In a very satirical tone, practically condescending) " Ooohhhh I'm a graduate student. I'm smart. I'll be in school till retirement. I earn $600 a year.

Marge: (in her motherly tone but still condescending) "Bart, dont be so mean. He just made a poor decision thats all.


As you can tell I'm doing a great job of postponing studying...


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