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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not-So-Hurricane Ernesto

As it turns out, tropical storm Ernesto didnt have enough punch to be upgraded to a hurricane. Apparently, Ernesto is not even a storm but a tropical depression. Oh well, maybe in another 4 years (when they recyle the names) I'll live up to all my trash talking in my previous post : )

Other updates:

*My third year of graduate school officially started this week. It doesnt feel like a new school year because I dont have to take classes anymore, just my laboratory thesis work, so it seems like I'm just a worker-bee and not a student. My experiments are crap, week-long process that leads up to nothing. Some days I feel like this is not for me but there are days when things are going great in lab, I'm a nerd on crack. 2 years down 3 more to go....

*I just bought I a new used bike. Im just sick of my old mountain bike so its time for a change. This new/used bike is a road bike, much lighter frame, fits me well, has those skinny tires, and it even includes those bars that professional bikers use when they cruise down hills/mountains. Although its a 2002 Trek bike, it looks and works like its brand new. The former owner even gave me some spare tubes, pump and an electronic speedometer, odometer device thingy attached on the handle bars. Oh yeah, it was bargain considering the model, year and state of the bike. I paid $350 for a bike that cost $1100!

*It was The Boyfriend's birthday last weekend. Although he told me not to do anything (he really didnt want me to plan anything) I still planned something. Not some grand party, just dinner with friends and maybe a bonfire where we can roast some marshmallows and make smores. Unfortunately, I'm the worst event planner. Not only did I wait last minute to call people (most of his friends couldnt come due to prior plans), I also didnt consider the time that the beach is open. So come Saturday night, only my friends and his best friends showed up, I made reservations but this place still made us wait for about half an hour, it didnt seem like everyone got enough to eat, and we didnt get to go set up a bonfire. I just had most of the folks come over The Boyfriend's place to eat carrot cake and watch a couple of episodes of "Strangers With Candy" (I'm addicted to this show its so wrong and funny, an after school special gone awry). After the second episode, I could tell that everyone was ready to call it a night. Oh well, dont call me to plan any event coz Im just going to ruin it.

*I dont want to invest too much time discussing my reality shows and tv in general but heres a quick summary of what I've been wasting my life away these past few weeks.

Big Brother--- Janelle all the way! Will is the devil and Erika and Boogie are just his devilletes. Poor Danielle will be backdoored by her own alliances. Chicken George needs to continue acting clueless coz he might just win this whole thing with that strategy.

Rockstar --- Dilana needs to win and Toby needs to run around some more naked or just keep talking coz his Australian accent is so hot. Ryan needs to lighten up and stop trying too hard. Storm needs to try out for "Rent" the musical, Lucas is creepy, lastly Magni is adorable, I'm sure people in Reykjavic is proud of him for putting Iceland on primetime tv.

Real World--- Good season, not as great as the original three but then again thats been over 15 years ago so its not fair to compare. Tyler is the bitchiest bitch ever, and kudos for the high kicks.

Project Runway --- Jeffrey is M and H (mean and hurtful) he made a hideous outfit making an older woman look like a cross between Harry Potter character (school uniform) and Star Trek character. Love Laura and her nonchalant attitude about having her piglets and adding yet another one to the pile. Michael or Uli will win.

Emmy Awards --- Some parts were funny, some were coma-inducing. Anyway, I was happy to find out that Lesley Jordan won (Best Guest Actor)coz he lives on my street! I've seen him several times, walking down the street and at the cafe ordering iced tea with loads of sugar(wow Im like a stalker). I'm such a big fan of his hilarious work (not just Will and Grace but also movies and plays he's been in)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do i look so red? PHOTOSHOP!

-tall mexican

2:34 PM

Anonymous charles ravndal said...

hmm is that an old series? anyway, happy bday to your bf and lovely pictures!

2:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

time to update my friend

-tall mexican

8:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you need to kill your blog. its dead. let it die.

3:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

let it die. just let it rest in peace.

9:17 PM


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