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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dear Ernesto

Dear Ernesto,
Where the hell have you been? You better have a fucking good excuse!

Hi Reader,

How should I say this....uhmm, I'm sorry. I've been busy.......OK thats a complete lie. The truth is I've been very lazy. Unfortunately, I've decided to just summarize the past half year by going through it month after month, writing only events that stands out in my memory. I know its a poor excuse for not updating and I'm not going to promise that I will be writing as frequently as before. I will, however, change up what I will be posting.

The next few posts will be short stories, both from my present life and my past. They will have varying topics, some will have a point but most will probably just be random ramblings. I'll try (and the word TRY is the key here) to post pictures but most likely I will set up another place for my pictures. Here's my poor attempt of a short recap of my life these past few months.

My sister had a medical emergency which led to me travelling to New York to take care of her for a few days after her surgery. Bought a bike (a used--Research is moving slow. My younger sister came to visit. Older sister had a medical Trek 2000)...weirdly enough it's meant for women riders but just the right size for me. Visited baby Tres.

--Most of October was the preparation for the Philippines trip. Finally got to go home after a decade. Had a great time with the Best Friend, my Younger Sister, and the Boyfriend. Got to relax in Boracay, shop in Manila and tour Ilocos and Baguio. It was great to see my extended family and old friends but most important of all, I got to light some candles and bring flowers for my mom.

--Work is still slow. A quick visit to the bay area after Christmas. Went to a UCLA football game, visited family and friends. Spent Christmas and New Years Eve with my family in Oceanside.

--Took a weekend trip with friends and the Boyfriend. Did a lot of hiking and played in the snow. Took baby Tres to Legoland with older sister. Some asshole hit my car while its parked on our driveway and he had the guts to scream at me...sometimes I feel like choking people. In addition, had a lot of problems with my school funding. I ended up having to return a lump some of money and now living on a much tighter budget.

--Baby sat Tres. Went camping with the guys Catalina. The Boyfriend and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on Valentines Day. Visited the Long Beach aquarium. Work still sucks.

*Now you're all caught up!


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