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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ernesto's Top 10 TV Show Addiction....Its Like Crack To Me!

I'll change it up a bit since my last post was so long, even I fell asleep reading it. I'm doing my first top 10 rankings of current tv shows (i'll do a separate ranking for my top favorite shows of all time aka my 26 years here on earth). This ranking is based on a lot of things and here's a quick list of the major factors I looked at in determining the rankings.
  • Do I follow the show every week/day?
  • Do I go online to learn more about the characters/plot?
  • Do I troll around in forums devoted for this show?
  • Do I act like a patient in a mental institution everytime I watch (ie. laughing out loud and then in the brink of crying)
  • Do I connect with the people/characters in this show (ie. gay, Asian, nerd etc.)
  • Do I invest extra time, effort and most importantly, money for these shows?
I'll start with some honorable mentions and then I'll rank it from 10 to my most favorite show.

The one's that didn't quite make it:
Oprah Late Night, CSI, Dancing with the Stars, Real World and Road Rules, and reruns of
and the City, Will and Grace and Six Feet Under.

10. House Hunters (HGTV)--This show kinda crept in the rankings mostly because I tend to watch it right before I go to sleep in the wee hours of the night. I love watching people look at different houses... its such an american-dream type of show.

9. Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC)---How can I not love Conan. He's smart, witty and self-depracating. As seen in the picture below, he claims to be the long lost twin of the president of Finland.

8. Brothers and Sisters (ABC)---Theres something abou this show that captured my attention. Maybe its the interesting characters, or crazy ass drama they all get into. I think its probably one of the current shows that has a very positive portrayal of a gay man ( I guess compared to how screwed up the rest of his family). Any show with hot gay boyfriends in it...count me in.

7. Top Design (Bravo)--- My inner artist beckons me to become a designer. I love all of these decorating shows but Top Design combines competition with a little bit of drama so its even better. I like this show soo much that I visited the Pacific Design Center where they filmed it with my younger sister (who is also trying to become an interior designer).

6. America's Next Top Model (CW)---OK. I hate to admit that I watch this show... Its borderline trash and I love it. I love how egocentric Tyra is, and how crazy Miss Jay and the rest of the judges are. Don't even get me started with the "models", they're such train wrecks.

5. Survivor: Fiji (CBS)--- Although this season is not as exciting as last season (Cook Islands), its starting to pick up. Lots of skin, lots of hard challenges...and most importantly, lots of deceitful people.

4. Grey's Anatomy (ABC)-- Seriously?!?!?! ....Seriously!?!?! I love this show. Lots of drama, lots of hooking up, lots of bitchiness and all this in the middle of saving people. What more can I ask for.

3. American Idol (Fox)--I have a long history with this show... it consumed a lot of my time (dialing hehe) and screaming at the tv. I'm such a big fan I can only attribute it to Filipino-ness. We "Pinoys" have a love affair with singing competitions. Oh yeah... I even went to a live taping during season 2. Thats how big of a fan I am.

2. Ugly Betty (ABC)-- This is the only show that can make me laugh so hard and then touch me (not in a bad way) because of the serious topics they tackle (coming out, acceptance, fitting in, immigration etc.). Its unapologetic and its definitely pushing the envelope of what is typically shown in primetime American television. What other show contains fashion, male-to-female transexual, an adorable pre-teen, and a very strong and confident heroine.

1. The Amazing Race: All Stars (CBS)-- A little person, her annoying cousin, carrying a mannequin in the middle of Warsaw, Poland. Only Amazing Race can put such a scenario and make it work. I'm sooooo addicted to this show that all of the above guidelines I mentioned applies. I've spent hours upon hours online reading forums, watching extra videos, reading summaries and spoilers. I've spent money buying its DVD's, a board game (yes I'm pathetic) and a book all about it. I've spent a lot of my effort recording almost every episode, I've gone to a couple of finale parties where I got to meet some of the former racers, and I've even convinced The Boyfriend to apply with me (unfortunately it turned out that the season we applied for they changed it to All Stars...who am I kidding, we simply just didn't get picked). Anyway, don't call me on Sunday nights coz I've pretty much devoted my life to this show around that time. Haha I'm such a loser!


Anonymous empress maruja said...

I love how Conan pokes fun of himself, especially about him being a look-alike of the Tarja (and him being the cause for the president of Finland winning a re-election).

I think Ugly Betty is not yet being shown here in the Philippines, but I managed to watch its premiere episode over at YouTube. It was so funny, but the pictorial scene really sturck me in the heart.

1:56 AM

Anonymous AJ said...

I watch more than half of the shows you watch too! Even if I don't own a TV set (by choice). Thanks to Copyright infringement violators on youtube, dailymotion, metacafe, gofish, veoh, and of course, Bit Torrent. I'm even up to date with the episodes of current seasons (tv networks who syndicate them normally are one season behind the US).

Other favorites include: weeds, heroes and prison break!

4:59 PM

Blogger Ernesto said...

Thanks empress maruja and aj for your comments.

EM--- I agree with you about how crazy Conan is. Im sure as soon as they show Ugly Betty in the Philippines it will be a big hit (I like to support my girl America coz she goes to my school).

AJ---wow it seems like there really is no use for a tv with all of your alternate sources. Also, I do like Heroes but its on hiatus right now here in the US so my ranking is based on shows that are still being shown.

8:33 PM

Blogger NeiLDC said...

i will add you on my link my friend!! i love your blog!!! have a nice day, besos from spain!!1

12:06 PM

Blogger Ernesto said...

Hola Neildc! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog and for adding me to your blog roll. Where are you in Spain? I would love to visit there (in fact I'd planned a backpacking trip from Barcelona, French Riviera and then the whole of Italy 2 years ago but I ended up just travelling all throughout Italy instead). Ciao!

2:58 PM

Blogger tyboi said...

Hey...found your blog through a link from someone elses. I like a couple of your top 10 shows. Love Amazing Race. I would so love to be on that show. Also like Ugly Betty. I've only seen a few episodes though. I've heard of Brothers & Sisters. Gotta watch it. But my number one would be Top Design.....even though they booted my favorite decorator "Goil".

8:32 AM

Blogger Lyka Bergen said...

I Love Bros and Sisters! I miss it last Sunday. What happened ba? Did Kevin finally broke up with Chad?

2:06 PM


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