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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ernesto's Favorite Things (Right Now)

Instead of writing a long story of what I've been up to these past few weeks I've decided to compile a list of my favorite things (just like Oprah). I do want to clarify that this list only represents what I currently like right now (meaning the past few weeks) and not necessarily my ultimate favorites for each category. If I fail my exam, then I blame all of these distractions (I know lame excuse haha).

---Favorite Books/Authors---
These two prolific and excellent authors have inspired me to consider writing my own memoir...well at least part of it. I guess I need to get some more "life experience" before I can complete a memoir. Anyway, I'm addicted to their books. Both write about their wacky, unusual upbringings, their addictions and psychoses, their love life (both are fabulous gay men) and just overall crazy personal anecdotes. Check out the links.
David Sedaris
Augusten Burroughs

---Favorite TV Show---
Since its summer most of the great shows are on hiatus and we're left to watch crap tv. A couple of shows that captured my attention (not so crappy) are both reality tv shows, one is about dancing while the other one is a social experiment. So You Think You Can Dance is just plain good fun to watch (not to mention loads of cute guys) while the British Big Brother is quite interesting because of the various twists for this year's version (technically I don't watch this on my tv, instead I watch it online but the computer is practically tv).
So You Think You Can Dance
Big Brother UK

---Favorite Movie---
How much did I like this movie...I liked it enough for me to watch it three times (three different theaters, cities and company). Although I was only in Paris for one day, I fell in love with it. This movie is comprised of different short films, each shot at a particular district in Paris by different directors. Each one uses a different approach for telling a story about the various kind of love (some good tear-jerkers, some hilarious comedies and even scary genres). If you have'nt seen it, go now!
Paris Je T'aime

---Favorite Website---
I don't need to explain how addictive youtube is... Facebook is a better version of myspace and definitely worth signing up for if you're not already a member. The last one is quite entertaining. Its pretty much online karaoke! As a Filipino, I'm required to like karaoke eventhough I sound like an old woman who is loosing her voice and can only hit one note...haha I'm quite pathetic. I can already imagine what Simon Cowell would say about my singing...(In Simon's British accent) "Just plain atrocious". Below are a couple of my poor attempts in becoming a recording artist. Feel free to criticize, throw some rotten tomatoes my way.


Always on My Mind-Elvis Presley

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Even More Random Thoughts

Once again, I admit that I'm the worst blogger. Lots happened these past two weeks, many stories I've imagined writing in this blog but of course they're left to rot in my head. Unfortunately, I only remember a few these stories so I'm going to write down what I can remember. They're not interconnected but each story gives an insight of my personality and my train of thought.
The Best Friend (Nat) was in town two weekends ago. She needed some time away from home and work so I promised that we were going to have a fun weekend. Without going into details, the best part of the whole weekend was doing touristy things with the some of the most important people in my life. We ate out a lot... visited my most favorite restaurant (Sushi Mac-its like crack to me) and got to try new ones (a completely vegetarian Chinese restaurant and I had some pretty convincing faux-chicken and not-so-real fish complete with the seaweed scaly skin). We even visited touristy spots ( Griffith Observatory and Watts Tower) and just did a lot of catching up. I really like planning the whole weekend. Its that inner host in me... I will definitely accomodate my guests as much as can.

The Boyfriend and I spent this past weekend with his family who was in town. I enjoy hanging out with his family especially his hilarious aunts and even more hilarious grandpa. We picked up his mom from the airport and spent part of Saturday with her. While I was driving, I had to consciously stop myself from bursting out in my usual road-rage infused language in front of his mom (because of some other crazy drivers). When it was just the two of us, The Boyfriend told me that he enjoys how I get soo fired up when I drive. Its true that I'm becoming like any other Los Angeleno driver... aggressive and vocal about what I think of lousy driving. I admit that I'm not the best driver so I contribute to other people's road rage. Mostly, this is due to the fact that I get easily distracted when I drive...well not just driving but I'm easily distracted with pretty much everything. Sometimes I feel like I have a mild case of A.D.D. I guess the lack of focus of this story is an even worse proof that I'm extremely scatter brained (pathetic I know).
Something is going on with the people around me. It seems like almost everyone is going through some sort of major transition in their life. Most of them (and by my last count; 4 people) had just ended a relationship. Others are taking a gamble and moving to a new place. I've stated in my older posts that I'm not a big fan of change. I don't think anyone is but we all know that everyone goes through it so we can move on to the next level of our lives. Right now, I'm just helping out these friends and family of mine while they go through this transition but I know that I'm bound to face my own transition... could I just be changing labs? Or will the result of my qualifying exam (which I'm afraid could be bad news) determine what change is going to occur in my life in the next few months. Only time will tell (haha thats soo cliche its disgusting!)