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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pinoy Big Brother Big Revelation; Rustom is a friend of Dorothy's!

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I was shocked to find out today that Rustom finally came out of the closet. I'm not shocked because he is gay (that I already know) I'm just amazed by how he revealed it; on national TV! Before I go on, for my non-Filipino friends and readers, Pinoy Big Brother is a spin-off from the original Big Brother. It has the same premise as other Big Brothers except this one is pretty cheesy, less about competition, strategies and back stabbing...more of "lets be a family" theme to it. With that said i'll go back to my topic.

I met Rustom (aka. Russ when he was at UCLA) when he was taking film classes at UCLA extensions for fall 2003. We met in one of the Mahu meetings (a group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allies for the Asian Pacific community at UCLA). I didnt recognize him at first but I knew Ive seen him somewhere (was he someone I hooked up with during one of my drunken college days hehe just kidding) . I could sense that he was very nervous being there. We started the meeting with introductions...he said that his name is Russ and he is taking extension classes offered by the film school, and that he was/is an actor from the Philippines...when he said that I started to piece things together that Russ is just a shortened version of his name...his alias.

The following weeks, we got to know each other. He wanted to know about my coming out experience (both to my family and friends). I told him that it was very difficult but as soon as I told my loved ones who I really was, I felt such an emotional relief... no more secrets. We talked about his past without really discussing his real identity. At that point I'm not sure if he knew that I knew who he was...but I kept reminding him that his secret is safe (I'm only talking about this now because he already came out). We talked occasionaly, after the meetings, went out to lunch, and whenever we see each other on campus. He told me that he was starting a business, something about beauty products. He also told me that he was going to go back to the Philippines because he wants to make a movie there. The last time I saw him was Halloween of 2004. He called me to find out if he can hang out with me and my friends for Halloween. We all dressed up (me being a lame goth, my friends dressed up as a deranged mental hosptial patient, Batman and Russ was Count Dracula) see picture.

It sucks that I dont have a way to see this show here in L.A. I only found out about this through the Pinoy Big Brother website. To Russ/Rustom, congratulations for coming out. It takes a lot of cajones and bravery to do this. Although Filipinos are generally tolerant, they might not be very accepting of our sexuality. But remember that your visibility breaks the stereotype of the Filipino "bakla", and at the same time could serve as an inspiration for others gay and lesbians who are still closeted to finally take the big leap and be true to who they are. As cliche as it may sound.... Truth will set you free!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day

I got to hang out with my family this past weekend. My little sister is celebrating her 23rd she's old! (just kidding Maye). Lil' E/ The Orange Bandit/ Little Sumo Wrestler is starting to walk... especially when we use an orange as a bait, he runs after it.

I hate filing taxes. Unfortunately, this year I had to pay instead of receiving returns (its a long story...something about USC messing up how they handle my scholarship). My case was so rare that the people in H&R Block were not sure how to handle it. I was there for almost 3 hours and somehow we needed a total of 5 tax folks to figure it out. This tax year, I'm paying ahead of time, so I dont have to pay a big ridiculous amount next year.

Tomorrow is my mom's 11th year death anniversary. I still remember that day, the very last time I saw her.... I miss you Ma

Random Blah
*I love watching the olympics. Of course my favorite event is figure skating...but last night, I couldnt go to sleep. I was flipping through the channels and I happen to stop on the USA network ( I guess NBC owns them) and they had the USA women's team vs. Canada. After half hour of watching, I think I somewhat understand the gist of the game. Its almost like chess, except you actually use some physical skills, endurance and basic geometry. I'm looking forward to watching another game (I'm such a loser). More Olympics commentaries; Johnny Weir is a bitchy queen and because of his interview tonight (where they showed him driving while listening to Christina Aguillera's "what a girl want", and his commentary that one of his performance resembled a vodka shot with snort of coke) I think I'm going to be definitely cheering for him. Im sad that Michelle Kwan is not competing but its commendable that she didnt insist on skating and allowed someone else who might be able to better represent USA.

*On Bravo...I still cant believe that Nick is auf wiedersehen-ed....its true that he hasnt been doing well but comeone. That bitch Santino's outfit is falling apart. I cant believe the make up artist said that Santino has a great jawline....bitch please. Now I have to my prediction for the top three...Daniel and Chloe are definitely there but I think Kara ( from out of nowhere) is the third person!

*The Boyfriend and I have been kayak-ing for the past 4 weekends. We went outside of Newport Bay two weeks ago, and I think this weekend, we're going to go further out...its scary but I'm getting used to it. I'll try to get some pictures.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Li'l E. (aka. the orange bandit / little sumo wrestler)

I visited my family this weekend (with The Boyfriend)....My adorable baby brother has changed so much in the past few months. He can now eat solids (you'll see in the picture), walk (with his walker), and destroy anything in front of him.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Instant Pizza!

A new vending machine was installed in my building right next to the soda, snacks and coffee machine. I understand that most of the students are busy with school work that some of them might just want a quick meal. This new vending machine is the answer to their prayers! Check it

Monday, February 06, 2006

Freaky Monday!

Today has been quite an interesting day (to say the least). It started like any other Monday. I went to work early because I was scheduled to use this very fancy microscope which I reserved weeks ahead. I got there and someone else was using it... after pointing out to them that I had reserved the scope, the bitch still made me wait for her ass to finish. In addition, my experiment was basically crap (and it took weeks to prepare for it). I then decided to go outside only to be greeted by the smoke from a forest fire in Orange County. The sun was nowhere to be found, and it looked like it was snowing but instead it was soot and ash. It was really freaky...I wish I had my camera this looked like we were in a sepia tone world. I took a picture later this afternon when I got home showing a little bit of whats left from the smoke.

Earlier tonight, I got a phone call from the Tall Mexican-Adrian. He told me that our very good friend, Sexy Croatian-Bojan got in a car accident. I was scared! I was relieved that he was pretty much ok, a few cuts and bruises, but for sure shaken by the experience. His car is basically totalled after rolling over (how many times I dont know). Apparently, the car was on its roof when it stopped. Luckily, other motorists helped him and he was taken to the E.R. When I talked to him tonight, he's at home already. I'm just glad that he's ok.

Later tonight, I got another phone call from one of my best college friends, and old roomy Mr. Linguistics-Misa. He told me that his boyfriend's (Mr. Teacher-Anthony) family's house was on fire today. I'm not sure about the details, but he seemed ok (and also Mr. Teacher's family). What the hell is going on today?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Curious who?

I understand that people in marketing needs to always invent ways to sell their products. Sometimes, their ideas are a bit ridiculous. Lets take for example the movie "Curious George". I was driving home this morning on my way to work and I passed by a couple of buses with the movie poster on their sides and a couple of billboards of the crazy looking monkey on a yellow background. When I got home from work, I opened up my netflix envelope and there it is...the crazy monkey again. By then I already got tired of being inundated with this movie's advertisement. But wait....its not done yet. I was washing my dishes and next to the kitchen sink was a bundle of bananas and there was a sticker on it....what else but yet again the crazy monkey! I understand the connection but come on....did some marketing executive really concocted this not so brilliant idea of advertising their movie to banana buyers... I know they're trying to put a little bit of humor in it but I personally think its innefficient....Dont get me wrong, I love monkeys....but due to their over-marketing, I dont think I'm going to watch this movie....bleh!