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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Tres

Its Tres' first birthday last Sunday. He seemed to enjoy it a lot but really hated the astrojump. He didnt care about all the folks, as long as he had food and he can roll around the grass he was happy...anyway check out the pics and video in the blog I set up for him. click here Tres' Blog.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Exploring Los Angeles: Hollywood

While waiting for my car to get fixed, I decided to take the subway (Metro Red Line) from Universal City station to the Hollywood and Highland station (its only a few miles away but I really wanted to use the subway coz I've lived here in L.A. for about six years and I've never used it before).

When I got to Hollywood and Highland I started walking around looking for anything interesting to take a picture of. I've been here plenty of times but I've never noticed that the columns that is lined up in front of the Kodak Theater (where they have the Oscars, and the recent American Idol Finale) have a list of the best picture awardees. The most recent one as seen in this picture is "Crash"....I wish it say's "Brokeback Mountain" instead.

The main entrance of the Kodak Theater. It doesnt look very impressive outside but its really beautiful inside.

That mall is soo clean you can eat off the floor.

A view from the main entrance, overlooking the Hollywood walk of fame ( you can somewhat see the stars and an Elmo impersonator) and across the street is the Jimmy Kimmel show and the El Capitan Theater.

More pictures of the main hallway.

The subway station at Hollywood and Vine has a ceiling made of old film reels...probably thousands of them.
Taken from the Universal City Red Line station. Its definitely not like the New York subways, as you can see in this picture, its practically empty except for this old lady walking around by herself (something that might be dangerous in NYC).

This stop has different murals telling stories of historical figures in L.A.

I do like the modern architecture.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Goodbye Amazing Race 9 : (

It was a great ending for a great season! Who knew paying attention to each of the countries flags could've meant a difference of winning a million bucks or walking away as the 1st runner loser of the show. Congratulations Hippies! and for Eric and Jeremy (the most homoerotic 'heterosexual' team the race has ever had, sorry for being the first loser), and for guys were fun to watch and congratulations for getting engaged.
BJ and Tyler received their checks, $500,000 each. Phil told them to get a stylist especially BJ is wearing something between a broke pimp or a circus magician, while Tyler looks like A DOM ( a dirty old millionaire)

Anyway, to celebrate the finale, The Boyfriend and I went to a TAR9 (thats "The Amazing Race 9" for non-fans) Finale Party at Dave & Busters at the Block in Orange. It was dinner and a show type of thing except that dinner was mostly finger food but it was compensated with an open bar (which some of the attendees took great advantage of but not me....I was good). Each table had at least two contestants from the previous season so you can chit-chat with them about their experience, what are they up to now and wheter or not they're victims of "bad edit" hehe.... Since I bought the cheaper tickets we didnt get to pick which table we're going to be sitting in thus we got stucked with the less than popular contestants ( not that its bad, I was hoping to be in the table of one of the previous winners).

In our table we had Michael and Kathy, from season 3 (I couldnt really remember how they got eliminated but after talking to Kathy (since Michael was one of those guys who set up camp by the bar, thus didnt see him for the rest of the night) she told us that they got eliminated because they put gas on their car and not diesel (I guess in Spain its like the Philippines). Well that and they sort of gave up and got a hotel instead of actually dealing with the issue at hand. Anyway, Kathy was very nice and she told me that it was her idea to try out for the show (I wonder what did she have to do to convince Michael to try out). She also told me that Phil was very cool, and that you really wont get any sleep during the race. She had other stories but it was impossible to hear most of it because everyone around us were having their own conversations not to mention season 7's gay-married couple, Lynn and Alex were taping their show near where we were sitting and they kept shooting sound bites and mini-interviews of the other racers. About half an hour before the show, Chip (season5 winner together with Kim) hosted a question and answer type of thing. Once again, Lynn and Alex pretty much took all the spotlight, but Uchenna (season 7 winner) was awfully nice too and ended up with the microphone several times. Probably half of the contestants on stage did not get the chance to say anything but I'm sure they dont care, they just want to get this thing over with so they could hit the bar again.

I thank Boyfriend for being my photographer for the night (he didnt want to be in the pictures) and Kathy for being so friendly and patient coz I kept asking her questions.

One of my favorite teams, The Bowling Mom's (not only are they great racers but their also from the L.A. area so i was really rooting for them). You can see that theyre showing their support for the hippies because the guys wore shirts during the race that says "Bowling" and "Moms" on them. Anyway, it was sad when these two were eliminated in the beautiful beaches of Palawan in the Philippines. Oh yeah, the blonde in the middle is Victoria (remember how Jonathan mistreated Victoria from season 6, well theyre still together so I guess thats just how they show love to each other).

Debbie and Bianca was really late for the party, I didnt see them till half-way through the show. Bianca was really nice, after we took pictures she wanted to chit chat more, something about adding her on myspace (she gave me her email address that she uses for myspace but I have yet to request an add), she was also telling us about some Sexiest Reality TV Calendar coming out...I didnt want to dissapoint her by telling her that I would probably buy the guys version of the calendar and not the one's where girls are in it).

Team Guido........its funny how The Boyfriend hated them soo much that when I suggested that I take a picture of him with these two, he seemed disgusted and revolted by the idea.... I on the other hand loved how devious they played the race. I think without them, the first season of Amazing Race was just going to be a love fest and thats no fun to watch. They also brought their dog, Guido who was chillin' in the black shoulder bag is actually a dog bag (not the left over kind). Its funny coz all the gays in that event just kept buzzing around them the entire night.

Joyce and Uchenna was awfully nice. You cant miss Uchenna because not only is he tall but he is a big guy. Joyce was smiling the entire night. We didnt get the chance to talk much mostly because I was feeling shy... I dont know why, I really just loved this team when they were racing and here I am not saying anything when I got the chance to tell them. I like Joyce's hairstyle, well mostly because she actually had hair this time as opposed to during the race when she had to shave it all off.

Question and answer portion. Sorry for the bad picture...I just couldnt stabilize my hands. As you can see Alex is talking (proof of what I said earlier).

Joyce posing for the cameras.

Kathy and myself...hmmm is there some resemblance or is it just a Filipino thing.

Lynn and Alex interviewing Rebecca (season6 sorry she's not facing the camera) Josh in the far left (season4, who was celebrating his birthday and his Mom even offered us some of his cak...yummy) and Uchenna once again looking tall and scary.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Open Letter: Grey's Anatomy

Dear Grey's Anatomy, where do I start? First I have to tell you that I was one of those few folks who actually didnt change the channel or completely turned off the tv and called it a night when Desperate Housewife ended on your first night in the world of primetime. Remember that? Yes, I'm sure you dont since you're such a big show now that you probably dont remember that I'm one of the people who watched the entire first episode and then decided to send instant messages to friends of mine telling them about this superb show of yours. But its ok, I dont need any thank you letter... since you showed your appreciation to us, your rabid fans, by showing a KICK ASS season finale!

First I would like to address Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson). I truly adore your stregth and candor but at times your freaking scary. I cant blame you since you have to constantly teach (babysit) and discipline your interns. By the way, I saw an interview of yours and you said that people at Vons recognize you but they're not sure so they just say you LOOK LIKE HER!?!? Now which Vons do you shop at coz if I see you there i'll even offer to pay for your groceries (as long as you have 15 items or less).

Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.), WTF was that punishment....set up a prom!!!!! I guess for the doctors it is punishment but for me thats a chance to decorate and plan out an all 80's prom complete with Duran Duran, lots Aquanets and shoulder pads. Other than this absurd punishment, I would like to say, STOP messing with Grey's life. She's fucked up as it is...thank you.

Ok...Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh)...I love the fact that you represent all the nerdy Asian folks out there but the hyper-competitive-kiss-ass- attitude (although factual in most overachieving Asian students) is too much for me. And please, treat your man right...he is in a middle of a big dilemma which could cause his life and he asks for your advice...and all you said was "let me think about it"....WTF thats what you say when someone asks "What do you want for dinner?"Christina you dissapoint me but I cant help but understand your flaw---girl work on your emotions and your compassion. To Dr. Burke, now that your life is about to change I hope that you really clear things out with Dr. Yang. I really want to see you guys together...Yay for inter-racial relationships!

Speaking of inter-racial relationships, Dr. George O'malley...finally you got your act together and really showed how you feel for Callie.... it was quite funny coz she seems taller than you so when you were trying to push her on the wall it looked quite comical. You guys looked so cute together (and I really like your new haircut you kinda remind me of Russel Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind"). I would like to see your relationship develop, I'm glad that youre done with the whole Meredith thing coz frankly Meredith cant handle one guy let alone three. By the way, Callie, I saw you on Craig Ferguson last night and you sang "Fever"....awesome girl... you really can SANG! ( I meant sing)

And now Izzie, that dress is beautiful...and you looked gorgeous. I award you the title of "Prom Queen of Seattle Grace Hospital ". I was quite devastated when Danny died. Girl, dont be so hard on did your best....I mean you stole a heart for him what else could a girl do? Although I would prefer that you stay with Danny but lets face it, he already had two chances to live but I guess its not meant to be. I know your upset but dont walk out of the show (internship) just yet because in middle of you wailing and grieving, Dr. Alex picked you up and comforted you (while the rest of the gang looked on and did nothing). Which leads me to say, Alex, if you keep treating Izzie that way she might just decide to stay, forget about Duquette and get back with your STD-infested ass. Just stop being an ass-wipe, stop being so insensitive, and study so you wont feel so inept compared to the other interns...

Finally, I can address this mess also known as the love quadrangle (could have been a pentagon but its a good thing that George is out of the picture). Meredith................................................................................................................... I'm sorry I have to take a breather because this girl is a complete mess and she's messing up everyone's lives because she just cant seem to figure her own. You have two men fighting for your attention. Given that you're totally like 5th Grade in love with Dr. McDreamy, you have to remember that he showed up late in that bar that one time....remember?...yup that one time when you had an agreement that he would have to choose between you and his not-so-ex wife, Addison and you were going to wait for him at the bar but you waited all night like a complete loser sitting on the bar eating old nuts...he was freaking late. Anyway, my point is that Dr. McDreamy is a big piece of mess and when you add his mess to your own mess your lives are going to look like a public toilet in a rest stop...yup a complete shit. Now Meredith, lets look at Dr. Finn aka Dr. McVet, he is adorable, very sensitive and could possibly help you clean up the shitty mess known as your life. I personally have seen Dr. McVet (well actually Chris O'Donnell) with his real-life family in a Petco in Santa Monica. He looked like he's a good family man. All that I'm saying is that theres a clear choice here and you didnt have to give us that confused look at the end of the show (only for us to find out next season if you actually make a decision right there or you would avoid it by inviting both guys for some punch a threesome). I do feel bad for your dog passing away, I might be crazy but he probably died because of the tension in the room with the entire quadrangle surrounding him (as seen in the picture below). By the way, go look for your underwear before the hospital cleaning crew find it and put it on e-Bay or even worse hang it in their lockers.

Ok...Ive ranted enough...thank you for a great season and will just twiddle my thumb every Sunday night especially you're moving to Thursdays now which could completely conflict with my reality shows....dont make it so hard for us, rabid fans of yours, to look for you in the middle of the Thursday mess. Once again, thank you and goodnight.

Ernesto Nodado
a.k.a rabid fan

Sunday, May 14, 2006


After getting stucked in the house, The Boyfriend and I decided to go and play frisbee in the park. After a while of running around my hair kept getting into my eye. I was able to grab a hold of my hair to a point that I could have tied it up if I had a rubber band. Thats when I decided that I need a haircut (well that and when I woke up this morning and my hair was the larger than the neighbors hedge). As soon as we got home, The Boyfriend helped me cut my hair (i'm soo damn cheap its been a long while since I got a proper haircut). The first two pictures were taken in the middle of the haircut thus the crazy 80's hairstyle. The rest is the finished cut. Here are some pictures:

No Love From the Simpsons

The boyfriend and I have been stuck in his apartment for the past two days studying (well mostly him studying and me watching tv while reading the same page in my book over and over again). His big qualifying exam is in two weeks and mine is about a month from his case he needs to pass it or it could possibly mean bye bye to graduate school. Me...I have one more chance if I screw this up. Failing the first time means I have one more year to study which means one extra year of graduate school!!!!!!!!! Next thing you know i'll be a professional student.

Even the Simpsons' thinks were crazy for choosing graduate school as a post- college plan. There was a Simpsons' commercial where Bart is teasing some graduate student and Marge tried to "protect" the guy from Bart's teasing. It went sort of like this;

Bart: (In a very satirical tone, practically condescending) " Ooohhhh I'm a graduate student. I'm smart. I'll be in school till retirement. I earn $600 a year.

Marge: (in her motherly tone but still condescending) "Bart, dont be so mean. He just made a poor decision thats all.


As you can tell I'm doing a great job of postponing studying...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Highlights/Complaints/Praises and other random blah of the day


*I just finished my second year of graduate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, I dont have summer vacation because now I have to get cranking at work, I need to produce data so I can present it to my committee and cram for possibly the biggest exam I have to take.....the qualifying exam. Its not exactly do or die if I fail it because they let you retake it next year but thats the issue...they let you take it next year which means an extra year to finish the program...not exactly a fun idea.

*I went to Ex-Roomy#1's and her girlfriend, Lady V., Wine and Cheese party last Saturday night (a much needed study break). I was the first one there and weirdly enough I was on time ( which in gay time, means I'm early). When I got there, Ex-Roomy was still in the shower and Lady V. has yet to get dressed (hmm...what were they doing? was there a "pre-party" to this party). Anyway, I brought some Havarti cheese and some crackers but I didnt try my own cheese coz I ended up eating two-platefulls of meat lasagna and downed some apple martini's ( I paid for it later in the night with a tummy ache). It was fun just to hang out with my friends. The Tall Mexican was there (yes bitch I got a good picture of you this time), Ex-ex roomy and his
man (Mr. Teacher), another college friend, Ms. MTV (she's working for MTV again, maybe she can hook me up to be in one of their shows hehe j/k) and Ex-Roomy#3 came so late we didnt really get the chance to catch up. Here are some pictures.

The Tall Mexican and his version of Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" while Ex-Roomy#1 is opening her 5th wine bottle for the night.

From top center clockwise; Tall Mexican, Ex-Roomy#3, Ex-Ex Roomy, moi, Lady V. Ex-Roomy #1 and Ms. MTV

Ms. MTV and Ex-Ex Roomy guilty for eating the last bit of cheese.

You better watch out Ex-ex Roomy, your man (Mr. Teacher) is trying to seduce me ( hehe just kidding)

Complaints and other things I bitch about:

*All of these cute mother's day commercials....they're making me sad.

*My car finally validated my insanity and paranoia that something's wrong with it. After the party last Saturday night, I was driving home on the 10 freeway and then the "check engine" light went on. I continued to drive home hoping that my car wont give up on me considering in the downtown L.A. area at freaking 2 AM ( not the best place to be at that time of the day). So the following morning ( at the butt crack of not really more like 8AM which is still very early given that I didnt go to sleep till 3AM) I took the car to the Nissan dealership in Universal City. I dropped it off, thinking that they can fix it in no time but I didnt realize that everyone and their mother was there, apparently theyve been there way before me. I was told that it might take 2-3 hours (which I estimated to mean 4-5 hours). I waited for an hour in their waiting room (they had stale coffee and burned cookies and on the tv, they were playing some bad 80's action movie where the main characters had this enormous gerry curls) and then I couldnt wait anymore so I asked if they can drop me off at Universal City Walk. I spent a couple of hours there, studied (or tried to), watched some high school girls make a fool of theirselves by running around with a sign announcing that a band will be performing at noon (theyre groupies in training) and played a guessing game as to where all of these tourist are from (the Europeans are easy to pinpoint). Finally I got a call from the dealership, went back to their office only to find out that they cant fix my car that day because they dont have the parts that needs to be replaced. I waited 4 hours for nothing! So now I have to go back sometime this week.

*One last visit to my dentist. For the record this is my seventh time, for the past 2 months. I'm finally getting my second permanent crown which means I have to say goodbye to this temporary silver "bling" crown. Its exciting but at the same time its almost weird coz I got used to the pain from my weekly visits. Im such a masochist sometimes. (i'll take a picture of my new chops maybe next it off a bit considering each one costs a roundtrip ticked to the Philippines!

Other Blah:

*I'm watching the Crufts Dog Show right now on Animal Planet channel and I cant stop giggling everytime the British commentator says (in his very British, very proper accent)..." This two year old border terrier is a very beautiful dog... I LOVE THIS BITCH!" I cant stop giggling everytime he refers to the dogs as a lovely bitch. Anyway, some of these dogs are so cute...I wish I can have one ( I just wouldnt know where to put it and I know that the dog will hate me coz they know that deep inside I'm not a dog person....I'm really a cat person. Dogs hate me, I can sense the way, the winner for tonight's dog show; an Australian Sheep Dog (something like this on the picture).

*I'm itching to travel somewhere...anywhere. I really want to visit the Philippines mostly because I havent been there in about a decade. Also I've recently been reading blogs from the Philippines. (click on the highlighted text to see each of these interesting blogs) The majority of these writers are call center employees, one rich fabulous socialite, a walking gay soap opera, and nomadic Filipino-American exploring the provincial life in the Philippines (who by the way, is very cute). Looking at their pictures and reading their stories about their lives and whats going on in the country really inspires me to visit. I promised myself that if I pass my qualifying exam next month then I will definitely go.

p.s. Congratulations to Ex-Roomy#1 for getting accepted to Harvard and same goes for Lady V. for getting admitted to NYU. Buena suerte!