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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I know that I did this a few months ago (check here for the detailed recap) for my 25th birthday but I finally got the chance to upload the video. Unfortunately, I have to lower the quality of the video because of file size limitation. I was thinking about uploading The Boyfriend's bungee jump but I'll save him from the humiliation (just kidding babe!) Click here for the video.

Also check out my baby brother's blog for new pictures and videos. He's running around now and he pretends that he's a wrestler. Check here

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Exploring Los Angeles: The Getty Villa in Malibu

A few weekends ago, Mr. UN invited me to visit the newly re-opened Getty Villa in the Malibu hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean (click here to visit the site). Although much smaller than the Getty Center in Brentwood, the Villa offers a replica of a first century Roman house, Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy. It boasts precious collections from the Roman, Greek and Etruscan civilization. Perhaps the best part of this museum are the gardens that surrounds it. Unfortunately, tickets are hard to get (it is free but you have to sign up on a very long wait-list...thank you Mr. UN).

Moi enjoying the shade

Some of the beautiful sculptures

A beautiful water feature, its hard to see but the whole thing border is elevated and water just cascades from it.

The inside peristyle. A long reflection pool cuts in the middle of this courtyard that is surrounded by sculptures

The outside peristyle with an even larger and longer pool.

The classical theater. In the foreground, Mr. UN, the Teacher BF, and the Tall Mexican waiting for our tour guide (also free)

Gay dorks

Long Hallway with beautiful murals on the wall

The herb garden with The Teacher BF

Me and The Croat showing off our nerdy glasses

The whole gang

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fashion Alternative

Last week, I was so busy that I forgot to put on my belt before I left for school. I did'nt realize my mistake till I was already trekking up the hill to our building and I had to pull my pants while I was carrying a bunch of crap. As soon as I got to my lab, I started looking for a rope. Unfortunately, I only found a wire that I tried to wrap around my waste and tied it up with pliers. As soon as I walked it broke... I was about to give up but I saw we had an extra phone cable... an imaginary lightbulb lights thing you know I was wearing a phone jack for a belt. (ignore the blatant Hanes add and the flabby stomach)

Yesterday, they released the new cast for Bravo's "Project Runway". I thought about how hard it is to design and execute your design so I had a sudden urge to give it a try and squeeze out some of my creative juices. I gave myself an hour, a bunch of grocery store bags, clear tape and scissors. I'm soooo GAY.

Voila here's my work!

The top portion and the rounded skirt are Wal-Mart bags, the flower and the belt are made from the same Asian grocery store bag and the corset-type portion is actually a Target bag but I made folds to produce an interesting pattern.

The back portion is pretty much open except the two strings that holds the scandalous. Dont worry, I dont have plans on wearing it... mostly because I dont really have the urge to look like a cheap drag queen dressed up in the latest "derelict couture".

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

06/06/06-Election Day

I'm currently studying for my qualifying exams so unfortunately I wont be updating till after next Friday....

For the superstitious, today's date is definitely something to be wary about. But for Hollywood, today's date is just another day to promote a movie. The remake of "The Omen" had their billboards all over the city for the past few weeks but yesterday while I was watering my vegetable garden, a plane scribbled in the sky 6-6-06 using the smoke that comes out from it. I ran to get my camera but the wind had diffused most of the smoke. Here's a couple of pictures.

I did my good deed as a citizen of this land of ours, I voted earlier today. Next to my voting booth, an old Japanese couple (who were voting Republican) were arguing over their last minute decisions... they then realized that the voting precinct is actually a store that sells underwear and lingeries (not your usual precinct) and the husband said something about her looking good in some of those lace was cute and nasty at the same time... OK back to work.

p.s. I got tired of studying this weekend so I just took pictures of The Boyfriend.